.Onium Bundle

3 Creative Sound-Shaping Devices from Sound Dust

The Onium Bundle from Sound Dust contains 3 creative Kontakt devices which allow you to shape weird and wonderful new textures and sounds.

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Product Overview


Strange guitars, spring reverb, tape echo, vacuum tubes and a broken viola.

After a period of evolutionary development, the new PENDLEONIUM4 is here. The control panel has undergone a complete re-think. The new look is sharp and purposeful and the layout of instruments and functions is intuitive and user friendly. A total of 6 sampled source instruments are arranged left to right across the main panel - two baritone guitars, two infinity guitars, Spring Viola and an additional instrument based on samples created with a vintage Roland Space Echo.

Each individual source instrument comes with greatly enhanced editing tools, offering wave shape, ADSR, effects, and volume. To the right of the instrument panel is a dedicated editing bay offering yet more capability. Here you will find reverb and delay sends, reverb, rotor, EQ and dirt for gnarly lo-fi effects.

A second interface window can be opened for velocity and round robin. The best thing about the P4 though, is playing it. With its unique sounds and easy editing, The P4 is an absolute pleasure to play and tweak as you go. It must be stated that this instrument is not attempting to sound like anything else or even to offer any faithful reproduction of its source instruments.

Changelog - V4:

  • Snazzy updated GUI
  • all speed controls now BPM sync from 12bars to 1/256
  • Note start, off, velocity and tuning jitter controls
  • Chord ,Key and Scale quantize
  • Fairy dust sprinkled over samples.
  • New snapshots

Please Note: FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above needed. PENDLEONIUM4 will load into Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player.

Value: £30.00

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Product Overview


The world's first and only convolution dulcitone....An ancient and rare keyboard invigorated with nifty digital witchcraft - and ghosts.

DULCITONIUM takes the gorgeous woody jingle of the dulcitone and transforms it into an extended dusty swoon that goes to infinity and beyond.

​It starts with ancient keyboards (see Dulcitone 1884 and dULCITONE1900) - with a Dulcitone 1884 through tape, a stretched Dulcitone 1900, and a Dulcitone 1900 clunk layer; but it doesn't stop there, that would be too easy.


Value: £40.00

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Product Overview


A Hybrid Kontakt instrument

Look, I know everyone hates saxophones. And with good reason. Excluding Colin Stetsons amazing work, and Tom Waits of course, I also tend toward hating on saxophones myself.

​But is it really fair to judge an instrument by it's past misdemeanors ? Can the sax be rehabilitated and made sexy again ?

Here at Sound Dust we say HELL YES!

So, SAXOMAPHONIUM is a hybrid Kontakt instrument hewn from layers of baritone and alto sax plus two ancient wind powered reed organs. It takes un-cool elements, records them nicely and then re-imagines them into something entirely new.

Value: £33.30

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