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Product Overview

Pivot is a tilt equaliser, with adjustable slope and mid/side modes. Powerful EQ, made simple.


Key Features

Pivot is a powerful tilt equaliser, allowing you to quickly shift the spectral content of your audio. Mid/Side modes allow you to adjust the stereo content of your audio separately, allowing you to clean up muddy stereo bass, or crisp up the wide treble in your master tracks.

Latest version: 1.4.9

Technical Specifications

  • Available Output Digital Download
  • Size 0.00 GB
  • Pivot should work in any DAW that can run VST, VST3, AAX, or AU plugins, on any dual core system with at least 1GB of RAM. Ubuntu and Mac versions are 64-bit only. Always try the demo first!

    Windows 7/8/10
    32/64-bit VST/AAX/VST3 Compatible DAW

    OSX 10.7+
    64-bit VST/VST3/AAX/AU Compatible DAW

    Ubuntu 18.04+
    64-bit VST Compatible DAW




Pivot is a simple to use tilt EQ, allowing you to shift the spectral content of your track around a mid-point like a seesaw. A little bass heavy? Turn the dial to the left. Treble a bit loud? Move it to the right. It features an adjustable slope and mid-way point to get the exact balance you need.

Supporting image for Pivot


Along with normal mono or stereo processing, Pivot offers a mid/side mode. Useful for making your master sound more immersive, you can brighten up the side channel for a bright and wide feel, or reduce the level of stereo bass, tidying up the stereo spread of your bass frequencies.

Supporting image for Pivot


As far as consuming your CPU goes, Pivot isn't hungry. You can load up multiple instances on multiple tracks without grinding your workstation to a halt. It also has the option to do simple shelf boost and cuts, meaning you can replace your sluggish and unintuitive EQs when you just want a quick adjustment.

Supporting image for Pivot
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