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8bit Game Madness


163 8bit loops inspired by different video games and arcades

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8bit Game Madness
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Product Overview

“8bit Game Madness” by SpillAudio consists of 163 8bit loops inspired by different video games and arcades, combined with a touch of modern melodic and harmonic concepts.

These tracks will provide your projects with a sought-after authenticity, rhythmic stability, and melodic diversity which could elevate your track to the desired level.

This pack includes 23 distinguishable melody tracks which add color and articulation with a specific sense of originality. The rhythm tracks possess the capability to fully support a track without getting in the way of a melody line or a drum groove. The drum tracks are simple, yet complex enough to provide variety and interest to the listener.

This pack can any producer with many ideas and musical opportunities to explore.

All tracks are recorded and produced by professional musicians and producers with high-quality equipment and ready to use.



What's inside?

  • 24 Rhythm Samples
  • 23 Melody Samples
  • 14 Harmony Samples
  • 17 Chords Samples
  • 22 Drums Samples
  • 63 Stacks Samples
  • 163 Samples in total
  • BPM and KEY labeled
  • 24-Bit/44.1kHz Wav Quality
  • Royalty-free
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