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Memory Collection Pack 01

Les Productions Zvon

Samples From The Past

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Memory Collection Pack 01
Les Productions Zvon
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Product Overview

The samples in this collection are taken from Public Domain movies, documentaries, TV shows and TV ads. Many of the documentaries are from and about the early days of radio and television.

I chose the name Memory Collection because by definition works in the Public Domain are from the past, a past often not very distant but sadly also often forgotten or ignored. These collections bring back some of the sounds from the past.

The samples include voice/spoken word/dialogs, sfx/foley and music. Many of them can be further divided so you can have some fun yourself ;-). Also don't expect that every sample in them will be useful to you. But I am sure they will be fun!

This first kit includes the Memory Collection Pack 01 (317 samples) and the first part of the Pack 02 (feature films, 1,372 samples) for a total size of 684 MB.

As those kits are only in wav format, each part can be used by itself and you do not have to buy the 2 parts if you do not want to. Of course the 2 parts will give you a lot more samples (3,469) to play with! More info included in the free preview.

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