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Memory Collection Pack 04

Les Productions Zvon

Samples from old Christmas Movies

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Memory Collection Pack 04
Les Productions Zvon
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Product Overview

This sample pack is on the theme of Christmas. The samples in it are taken from Public Domain toy advertisements, TV shows, movies and shorts. I chose the name Memory Collection because by definition works in the Public Domain are from the past, a past often not very distant but sadly also often forgotten or ignored.

Even though the source movies, TV shows and shorts are all related to Christmas, many of the samples can be used in other contexts too.

Compared the first 3 MC packs, this one has longer music samples, many are Christmas/ Winter Holidays songs but not all of them. There's a 8 minutes long condensed version of Handel's Messiah.

These video documents are usually old and the sound quality is often not great and they're noisy too. The samples include voice/spoken word/dialogs, sfx/foleys and music. Many of them can be further chopped so you can have some fun yourself ;-)

The pack contains 612 samples for a size 741 MB. More info included in the free preview.

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