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Classic Rock Construction Kit

Classic Rock Construction Kit


Drum, bass and guitar loops that will have you effortlessly creating a Classic Rock anthem in next to no time. Rocking along at 95bpm with hard-riffing in the key of E minor, this construction kit needs to be turned up to 11!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
CR_TomGroove_2_95.wav CR_TomGroove_2_95.wav 95
CR_TomFill_1_95.wav CR_TomFill_1_95.wav 95
CR_GuitarSolo1_Em_6_95.wav CR_GuitarSolo1_Em_6_95.wav Em 95
CR_GuitarRiff6_Em_4_95.wav CR_GuitarRiff6_Em_4_95.wav Em 95
CR_GuitarRiff5_Em_2_95.wav CR_GuitarRiff5_Em_2_95.wav Em 95
CR_GuitarRiff4_Em_4_95.wav CR_GuitarRiff4_Em_4_95.wav Em 95
CR_GuitarRiff3_Em_4_95.wav CR_GuitarRiff3_Em_4_95.wav Em 95
CR_GuitarRiff2_Em_4_95.wav CR_GuitarRiff2_Em_4_95.wav Em 95
CR_GuitarRiff1_Em_2_95.wav CR_GuitarRiff1_Em_2_95.wav Em 95
CR_GuitarPhrase1_Em_4_95.wav CR_GuitarPhrase1_Em_4_95.wav Em 95
CR_GuitarBreak2_Em_2_95.wav CR_GuitarBreak2_Em_2_95.wav Em 95
CR_DrumsFill_1_95.wav CR_DrumsFill_1_95.wav 95
CR_DrumsFill2_2_95.wav CR_DrumsFill2_2_95.wav 95
CR_Drums5_2_95.wav CR_Drums5_2_95.wav 95
CR_Drums4_2_95.wav CR_Drums4_2_95.wav 95
CR_Drums3_2_95.wav CR_Drums3_2_95.wav 95
CR_Drums2_2_95.wav CR_Drums2_2_95.wav 95
CR_Drums1_2_95.wav CR_Drums1_2_95.wav 95
CR_CymbalShaker_1_95.wav CR_CymbalShaker_1_95.wav 95
CR_Crash_2_95.wav CR_Crash_2_95.wav 95
CR_BassRiff4_Em_4_95.wav CR_BassRiff4_Em_4_95.wav Em 95
CR_BassRiff3_Em_4_95.wav CR_BassRiff3_Em_4_95.wav Em 95
CR_BassRiff2_Em_4_95.wav CR_BassRiff2_Em_4_95.wav Em 95
CR_BassRiff1_Em_2_95.wav CR_BassRiff1_Em_2_95.wav Em 95
CR_BassBreak_Em_2_95.wav CR_BassBreak_Em_2_95.wav Em 95
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