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Drum Studio

Drum Studio


Welcome to Drum Studio, a collection of live and electronic drum loops in a variety of styles.

With over 400 loops ready to drop straight into your productions, this pack serves as a perfect creative starting point and your new go-to library for that elusive rhythm you need to help finish off a track.

Featuring a variety of genres including 60s, 70s and 80s Rock, Punk, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Surf, Hawaiian and electronic styles such as Glitch, Industrial, Dubstep and Hip Hop, we've got you covered with studio-quality intros, outros, variations and fills that'll keep you coming back for more.

Drop into the Drum Studio today, it sure beats hiring a session sticksman!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Zombie Metal_Drum_BassHiHat_Hit_2_101 Zombie Metal_Drum_BassHiHat_Hit_2_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drum_BassCymbal_Hit Zombie Metal_Drum_BassCymbal_Hit
Zombie Metal_Drums_Single_Snare_Tom_2_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_Single_Snare_Tom_2_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_Single_Snare_Bass_1_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_Single_Snare_Bass_1_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_Single_Snare_1_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_Single_Snare_1_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_Intro_Beat_4_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_Intro_Beat_4_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_9_Fill_1_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_9_Fill_1_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_9_4_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_9_4_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_8_Fill_1_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_8_Fill_1_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_8_2_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_8_2_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_7_4_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_7_4_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_6_Fill_1_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_6_Fill_1_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_6 Zombie Metal_Drums_6
Zombie Metal_Drums_5_Fill_1_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_5_Fill_1_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_5_2_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_5_2_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_4_Fill_1_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_4_Fill_1_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_4_2_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_4_2_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_3_Fill_2_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_3_Fill_2_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_3_2_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_3_2_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_2 Zombie Metal_Drums_2
Zombie Metal_Drums_1_Fill_2_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_1_Fill_2_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_11_4_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_11_4_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_10_4_101 Zombie Metal_Drums_10_4_101 101
Zombie Metal_Drums_1 Zombie Metal_Drums_1
Zombie Metal_Drumm_Bass_SingleHits_1_101 Zombie Metal_Drumm_Bass_SingleHits_1_101 101
Surf Rock_TomsCombo_2_152 Surf Rock_TomsCombo_2_152 152
Surf Rock_Toms2_4_152 Surf Rock_Toms2_4_152 152
Surf Rock_Toms1_2_152 Surf Rock_Toms1_2_152 152
Surf Rock_SnareCymbals_4_152 Surf Rock_SnareCymbals_4_152 152
Surf Rock_HiHat_2_152 Surf Rock_HiHat_2_152 152
Surf Rock_DrumKit2_2_152 Surf Rock_DrumKit2_2_152 152
Surf Rock_DrumKit1_2_152 Surf Rock_DrumKit1_2_152 152
Surf Rock_Crash_4_152 Surf Rock_Crash_4_152 152
Surf Rock_Cowbell_4_152 Surf Rock_Cowbell_4_152 152
Southern Rock_TambourineShaker_2_95 Southern Rock_TambourineShaker_2_95 95
Southern Rock_Drums5_2_95 Southern Rock_Drums5_2_95 95
Southern Rock_Drums4_2_95 Southern Rock_Drums4_2_95 95
Southern Rock_Drums3_2_95 Southern Rock_Drums3_2_95 95
Southern Rock_Drums2_2_95 Southern Rock_Drums2_2_95 95
Southern Rock_Drums1_2_95 Southern Rock_Drums1_2_95 95
Southern Rock_DrumFill2_1_95 Southern Rock_DrumFill2_1_95 95
Southern Rock_DrumFill1_2_95 Southern Rock_DrumFill1_2_95 95
Southern Rock_Crash_1_95 Southern Rock_Crash_1_95 95
Slide Blues_DrumStopFill_2_148 Slide Blues_DrumStopFill_2_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumIntro_1_148 Slide Blues_DrumIntro_1_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumFill8_1_148 Slide Blues_DrumFill8_1_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumFill7_1_148 Slide Blues_DrumFill7_1_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumFill6_1_148 Slide Blues_DrumFill6_1_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumFill5_1_148 Slide Blues_DrumFill5_1_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumFill4_1_148 Slide Blues_DrumFill4_1_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumFill3_1_148 Slide Blues_DrumFill3_1_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumFill2_1_148 Slide Blues_DrumFill2_1_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumFill1_1_148 Slide Blues_DrumFill1_1_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumFill1B_1_148 Slide Blues_DrumFill1B_1_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumEnding_4_148 Slide Blues_DrumEnding_4_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumBeat9_2_148 Slide Blues_DrumBeat9_2_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumBeat8_2_148 Slide Blues_DrumBeat8_2_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumBeat7_2_148 Slide Blues_DrumBeat7_2_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumBeat6_4_148 Slide Blues_DrumBeat6_4_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumBeat5_2_148 Slide Blues_DrumBeat5_2_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumBeat4_4_148 Slide Blues_DrumBeat4_4_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumBeat3_4_148 Slide Blues_DrumBeat3_4_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumBeat2_4_148 Slide Blues_DrumBeat2_4_148 148
Slide Blues_DrumBeat1_2_148 Slide Blues_DrumBeat1_2_148 148
Ska_DrumsChorus2_8_180 Ska_DrumsChorus2_8_180 180
Ska_DrumsChorus1_8_180 Ska_DrumsChorus1_8_180 180
Ska_Drums2_8_180 Ska_Drums2_8_180 180
Ska_Drums1_8_180 Ska_Drums1_8_180 180