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Future Pop & Chill Trap

Future Pop & Chill Trap

Skifonix Sounds

Skifonix Sounds presents ‘Future Pop & Chill Trap’
An incredible 1.6GB of samples in the style of Jack U, The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Marshmello and more.
This next big release comes to you full of catchy, chart-worthy melodies and delicately crafted Future Bass sound design.

 The pack contains fully reconstructable kits of the tracks heard in the demo, as well as the full relevant Cubase project files so you can fully dissect and analyse each composition and mixdown.
Each kit has been carefully designed to fit that current commercial Future Bass sound, taking influence from hit songs in this style.
As well as the kits, we have included plenty of original melody loops and live guitar recordings to inspire your own pop tracks. Each synth loop comes with the corresponding preset and MIDI file too, for full customisation.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
perc_11 perc_11
perc_09 perc_09
perc_06 perc_06
perc_20 perc_20
perc_04 perc_04
perc_03 perc_03
perc_10 perc_10
perc_12 perc_12
perc_02 perc_02
perc_15 perc_15
perc_13 perc_13
perc_17 perc_17
perc_18 perc_18
perc_01 perc_01
perc_16 perc_16
perc_05 perc_05
perc_07 perc_07
perc_19 perc_19
perc_08 perc_08
perc_14 perc_14
hat_11 hat_11
hat_03 hat_03
hat_20 hat_20
hat_10 hat_10
hat_17 hat_17
hat_02 hat_02
hat_19 hat_19
hat_15 hat_15
hat_04 hat_04
hat_06 hat_06
hat_18 hat_18
hat_05 hat_05
hat_16 hat_16
hat_13 hat_13
hat_01 hat_01
hat_08 hat_08
hat_07 hat_07
hat_12 hat_12
hat_14 hat_14
hat_09 hat_09
clapsnare_19 clapsnare_19
clapsnare_18 clapsnare_18
clapsnare_02 clapsnare_02
clapsnare_12 clapsnare_12
clapsnare_17 clapsnare_17
clapsnare_01 clapsnare_01
clapsnare_06 clapsnare_06
clapsnare_20 clapsnare_20
clapsnare_13 clapsnare_13
clapsnare_05 clapsnare_05
clapsnare_09 clapsnare_09
clapsnare_11 clapsnare_11
clapsnare_08 clapsnare_08
clapsnare_07 clapsnare_07
clapsnare_04 clapsnare_04
clapsnare_15 clapsnare_15
clapsnare_16 clapsnare_16
clapsnare_14 clapsnare_14
clapsnare_03 clapsnare_03
clapsnare_10 clapsnare_10
kick_16 kick_16
kick_04 kick_04
kick_18 kick_18
kick_07 kick_07
kick_05 kick_05
kick_02 kick_02
kick_01 kick_01
kick_09 kick_09
kick_19 kick_19
kick_10 kick_10
kick_14 kick_14
kick_03 kick_03
kick_20 kick_20
kick_13 kick_13
kick_06 kick_06
kick_08 kick_08
kick_11 kick_11
kick_12 kick_12
kick_15 kick_15
kick_17 kick_17
Waves_full Waves_full 100
Mellow_Strum Mellow_Strum 100
Chill_full Chill_full 100
Road_Arpeggio Road_Arpeggio 100
Ocean_full Ocean_full 100