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Rare Jazz Rhodes

Rare Jazz Rhodes

Touch Loops

Introducing our latest sample pack rare Jazz Rhodes. Performed, mixed and recorded in-house, each one of these beautiful jazz Rhodes samples were played on an iconic '73 Fender Rhodes, tracked through a beautiful vintage pre-amp and mixed to be session ready. From dancing lead lines to rich jazz chord progressions, we've covered a huge amount of ground to bring you the most authentic of collections.

Inside the collection you'll find beautifully reflective jazz chords & progressions, atmospheric lead lines, free improvised performances, meandering and expressive textures and endless inspiration for songwriters or beat makers. Created with an emphasis on breaking you out of the generic mould, each one of these timeless loops offer maximum emotion combination with stunning 70's stone.

We've also ensured each loop captured the essence of a great performance so you can be sure that's each sample will be expressive, swung and have the great feel of a true session musician.

So, if you produce hip-hop, are a budding songwriter or just love the vintage tones of a classic Fender Rhodes then this one is for you. Effortlessly cool, beautifully captured and always timeless - you'll love this one.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
90_Fm_BloodStones_TL 90_Fm_BloodStones_TL Fm 90
90_Db_Formation_TL 90_Db_Formation_TL Db 90
90_Cm7:Gm7_ShyButsweet_TL 90_Cm7:Gm7_ShyButsweet_TL Cm7 90
90_Cm_Timeless_TL 90_Cm_Timeless_TL Cm 90
90_Fm_WesternStreets_TL 90_Fm_WesternStreets_TL Fm 90
90_Cm_BoomtownIntro_TL 90_Cm_BoomtownIntro_TL Cm 90
90_Cm_TimelessFX_02_TL 90_Cm_TimelessFX_02_TL Cm 90
90_Cm_OutOfTheWoods_TL 90_Cm_OutOfTheWoods_TL Cm 90
90_Ebm7_BreakItDown_TL 90_Ebm7_BreakItDown_TL Ebm7 90
90_Gm_Quartz_TL 90_Gm_Quartz_TL Gm 90
90_Cm_NightJazz_TL 90_Cm_NightJazz_TL Cm 90
90_Dm_Atlantic_TL 90_Dm_Atlantic_TL Dm 90
90_Cm_Quantic_TL 90_Cm_Quantic_TL Cm 90
90_Cm_Nostalgia_TL 90_Cm_Nostalgia_TL Cm 90
90_C#m_RollCredits_TL 90_C#m_RollCredits_TL C#m 90
90_Cm_Church_TL 90_Cm_Church_TL Cm 90
90_Cm_Duality_TL 90_Cm_Duality_TL Cm 90
90_Cm_IntoTheWoods_TL 90_Cm_IntoTheWoods_TL Cm 90
90_F#_Drones_TL 90_F#_Drones_TL F# 90
90_Eb_Lullaby_TL 90_Eb_Lullaby_TL Eb 90
90_Cm_TimelessFX_01_TL 90_Cm_TimelessFX_01_TL Cm 90
90_Gm_CoffeenGloom_TL 90_Gm_CoffeenGloom_TL Gm 90
90_Fm_WasternHammer_TL 90_Fm_WasternHammer_TL Fm 90
120_Dm_EasternPromise_TL 120_Dm_EasternPromise_TL Dm 120
120_Cm_EternityEchoes_TL 120_Cm_EternityEchoes_TL Cm 120
120_Dm_ForTheStomp_TL 120_Dm_ForTheStomp_TL Dm 120
120_G7_Hopeful_TL 120_G7_Hopeful_TL G7 120
120_Fm_InnerCity_TL 120_Fm_InnerCity_TL Fm 120
120_Fmaj7_SimpleThings_TL 120_Fmaj7_SimpleThings_TL Fmaj7 120
120_Bbm_GhettoFunk_TL 120_Bbm_GhettoFunk_TL Bbm 120
120_Bb_Levitating_TL 120_Bb_Levitating_TL Bb 120
120_Fm_Poppy_TL 120_Fm_Poppy_TL Fm 120
120_C_Reflections_TL 120_C_Reflections_TL C 120
120_Fm_Detroitish_TL 120_Fm_Detroitish_TL Fm 120
120_Ebm_Spacer_TL 120_Ebm_Spacer_TL Ebm 120
120_Cm_VacantMelodies_TL 120_Cm_VacantMelodies_TL Cm 120
120_C7_Mechanical_TL 120_C7_Mechanical_TL C7 120
120_Eb_ForLonnie_TL 120_Eb_ForLonnie_TL Eb 120
120_Gm7_SleepyJim_TL 120_Gm7_SleepyJim_TL Gm7 120
120_Dm_Ballad_TL 120_Dm_Ballad_TL Dm 120
120_C_SimpleTimes_TL 120_C_SimpleTimes_TL C 120
120_Cm7_InMourning_TL 120_Cm7_InMourning_TL Cm7 120
120_Gm7_BlueNotes_TL 120_Gm7_BlueNotes_TL Gm7 120
120_Cm7_Freestyler_TL 120_Cm7_Freestyler_TL Cm7 120
120_Bb_Vaporising_TL 120_Bb_Vaporising_TL Bb 120
120_Dm_InnerPeace_TL 120_Dm_InnerPeace_TL Dm 120
120_C_PinkSunrise_TL 120_C_PinkSunrise_TL C 120
150_C:Dm_HappyDrones_TL 150_C:Dm_HappyDrones_TL C 150
150_Dm_HauntedHouse_TL 150_Dm_HauntedHouse_TL Dm 150
150_Cm_Rhodes_TL 150_Cm_Rhodes_TL Cm 150
150_C:Dm_DakerDrones_TL 150_C:Dm_DakerDrones_TL C 150
150_G#m_Rhodes_TL 150_G#m_Rhodes_TL G#m 150
150_Bbm_AlicesTrain_TL 150_Bbm_AlicesTrain_TL Bbm 150
150_Cm_Revolve_TL 150_Cm_Revolve_TL Cm 150
150_Dm_PickitUp_TL 150_Dm_PickitUp_TL Dm 150
150_F#_CitySlick_TL 150_F#_CitySlick_TL F# 150
150_Fm7_AfterMidnight_TL 150_Fm7_AfterMidnight_TL Fm7 150
150_Gm7_Rhodes_TL 150_Gm7_Rhodes_TL Gm7 150
150_Cm_Waltzing_TL 150_Cm_Waltzing_TL Cm 150
150_Am7_SlideRhodes_TL 150_Am7_SlideRhodes_TL Am7 150
150_A#:Gm7_Rhodes_TL 150_A#:Gm7_Rhodes_TL A# 150
150_C_Esoteric_TL 150_C_Esoteric_TL C 150
150_C7_DayTimeTv_TL 150_C7_DayTimeTv_TL C7 150
150_Em_FallenLeaves_TL 150_Em_FallenLeaves_TL Em 150
150_Cm_Misty_TL 150_Cm_Misty_TL Cm 150
150_Fm7_Midnight_TL 150_Fm7_Midnight_TL Fm7 150
150_C7_Groover_TL 150_C7_Groover_TL C7 150
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