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Soulful Keys

Soulful Keys

Touch Loops

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you a stunning collection of live, contemporary, jazzy and 100% soulful Rhodes and piano loops & samples. A truly delicious collection of sounds fusing together all genres of Pop, Beats, Hip-Hop and dusty RnB. Processed in a variety of ways from beaten speakers to warm vintage valve amps, the variety of options on show provide the most flexibility when embracing the collection.

Chord progressions mixed, mastered and styled to kick off your mood and enhance your songwriting ideas. Each folder is bursting with a variety of chord progressions, grand piano loops, upright keys, Rhodes samples and electric pianos perfect for adding to your warm soulful beats and guaranteed to take any song to the next level.

Whether you produce pop, RnB, garage or beyond, this beautiful sample pack will do wonders to your collection and will no doubt become your go to library for adding that late night jazz tinged piano flavour. Each loop is perfect for chopping, remixing and throwing into your MPC or sampler.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
95_Stage73_Fmaj7_03 95_Stage73_Fmaj7_03 F 95
95_Stage73_Fmaj7_02 95_Stage73_Fmaj7_02 F 95
95_Stage73_Fmaj7_01 95_Stage73_Fmaj7_01 F 95
95_Stage73_Cm_03 95_Stage73_Cm_03 C 95
95_Stage73_Cm_02 95_Stage73_Cm_02 C 95
95_Stage73_Cm_01 95_Stage73_Cm_01 C 95
95_Stage73_C_03 95_Stage73_C_03 C 95
95_Stage73_C_02 95_Stage73_C_02 C 95
95_Stage73_C_01 95_Stage73_C_01 C 95
95_Stage73_Bbm_03 95_Stage73_Bbm_03 B 95
95_Stage73_Bbm_02 95_Stage73_Bbm_02 B 95
95_Stage73_Bbm_ 95_Stage73_Bbm_ B 95
90_Wurligrooves_F_ 90_Wurligrooves_F_ F 90
90_WarmeRhodes_F#_01 90_WarmeRhodes_F#_01 F 90
90_SunsetWurli_C_ 90_SunsetWurli_C_ C 90
90_NoodleRhodes_F#_02 90_NoodleRhodes_F#_02 F 90
90_NoodleRhodes_F#_ 90_NoodleRhodes_F#_ F 90
90_MeltedSpeaker_Em7_02 90_MeltedSpeaker_Em7_02 E 90
90_MeltedSpeaker_C_01 90_MeltedSpeaker_C_01 C 90
90_LoversWurli_F#_02 90_LoversWurli_F#_02 F 90
90_DigiOrgan_F#_ 90_DigiOrgan_F#_ F 90
90_DigiOrgan_Dm_ 90_DigiOrgan_Dm_ D 90
90_DigiOrgan_B_ 90_DigiOrgan_B_ B 90
90_ChordRhodes_Fmaj7_03 90_ChordRhodes_Fmaj7_03 F 90
90_BrokeWurli_F#_02 90_BrokeWurli_F#_02 F 90
90_BrokeWurli_F#_01 90_BrokeWurli_F#_01 F 90
85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_Gm 85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_Gm G 85
85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_F# 85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_F# F 85
85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_EbMaj7 85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_EbMaj7 E 85
85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_Cmaj7 85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_Cmaj7 C 85
85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_Cm7 85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_Cm7 C 85
85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_C 85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_C C 85
85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_Bbm 85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_Bbm B 85
85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_AbMaj7 85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_AbMaj7 A 85
85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_2_EbMaj7 85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_2_EbMaj7 E 85
85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_2_Cmaj7 85_Piano_UprightWarehouse_2_Cmaj7 C 85
85_ConcertGrand_Gm 85_ConcertGrand_Gm G 85
85_ConcertGrand_Fmaj7_03 85_ConcertGrand_Fmaj7_03 F 85
85_ConcertGrand_Fmaj7_02 85_ConcertGrand_Fmaj7_02 F 85
85_ConcertGrand_Fmaj7 85_ConcertGrand_Fmaj7 F 85
85_ConcertGrand_Fm 85_ConcertGrand_Fm F 85
85_ConcertGrand_F#maj7_02 85_ConcertGrand_F#maj7_02 F 85
85_ConcertGrand_F#ma7 85_ConcertGrand_F#ma7 F 85
85_ConcertGrand_Dbmaj7 85_ConcertGrand_Dbmaj7 D 85
85_ConcertGrand_Cm 85_ConcertGrand_Cm C 85
85_ConcertGrand_Bbmaj7 85_ConcertGrand_Bbmaj7 B 85
145_B-3Organ_Gm 145_B-3Organ_Gm G 145
145_B-3Organ_Fmaj7_03 145_B-3Organ_Fmaj7_03 F 145
145_B-3Organ_Fmaj7_02 145_B-3Organ_Fmaj7_02 F 145
145_B-3Organ_Fmaj7 145_B-3Organ_Fmaj7 F 145
145_B-3Organ_F#maj7_ 145_B-3Organ_F#maj7_ F 145
145_B-3Organ_Bm7 145_B-3Organ_Bm7 B 145
135_Gm7_Piano_02 135_Gm7_Piano_02 G 135
135_Gm7_Piano_01 135_Gm7_Piano_01 G 135
135_Dm_DistantPiano_03 135_Dm_DistantPiano_03 D 135
135_Dm_DistantPiano_02 135_Dm_DistantPiano_02 D 135
135_Dm_DistantPiano_01 135_Dm_DistantPiano_01 D 135
135_Dm_DistantPiano02 135_Dm_DistantPiano02 D 135
135_Dm7_DistantPiano_03 135_Dm7_DistantPiano_03 D 135
135_Cm_Piano_03 135_Cm_Piano_03 C 135
135_Cm_Piano_02 135_Cm_Piano_02 C 135
135_Cm7_RevPiano_01 135_Cm7_RevPiano_01 C 135
120_RhodestWinkle_C 120_RhodestWinkle_C C 120
120_RhodesProgs_C 120_RhodesProgs_C C 120
120_Piano_04_Cm 120_Piano_04_Cm C 120
120_Piano_02_Gm 120_Piano_02_Gm G 120