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Tech House Weapons 4

Tech House Weapons 4


Mycrazything Records is proud to present Tech House Weapons Vol.4 

In this pack you will find everything to create a new, unique sound of Tech House music. 

This pack inspired by the best Superstars labels of Tech House and Deep Tech music like Crosstown Rebels, Stil Vor Talent , Diynamic, Noir Music , Mother Recordings and more! 

Our Loops and Sounds are coming from analogue Synthezisers like Korg ARP Odyssey , Moog Sub Phatty , Elektron Analog Keys , Elektron Analog Four , Novation Peak , Roland System-8 , Roland System-8 , Moog Sub 37 , Access Virus TI2 , Dave Smith Pro 2 , Minimoog Model D ,Roland Jupiter-80 , Dave Smith Prophet-6 , Dave Smith Prophet 12 , Dave Smith OB-6 , Elektron Digitakt, Elektron Octatrack MKII. 

They are recorded in a professional studio with high end equipements like SSL , Neve , Universal audio , SPL , Antelope , Avalon , Tube-Tech and more. 

All samples are tempo-tagged, meaning they'll slot right into your arrangement and match to the tempo of your project. 

All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free (including the vocal loops), so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs. 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
THW4_Vox Loops_15_124 THW4_Vox Loops_15_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_14_124 THW4_Vox Loops_14_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_13_124 THW4_Vox Loops_13_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_12_124 THW4_Vox Loops_12_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_11_124 THW4_Vox Loops_11_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_10_124 THW4_Vox Loops_10_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_09_124 THW4_Vox Loops_09_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_08_124 THW4_Vox Loops_08_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_07_124 THW4_Vox Loops_07_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_06_124 THW4_Vox Loops_06_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_05_124 THW4_Vox Loops_05_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_04_124 THW4_Vox Loops_04_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_03_124 THW4_Vox Loops_03_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_02_124 THW4_Vox Loops_02_124 124
THW4_Vox Loops_01_124 THW4_Vox Loops_01_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_16_124 THW4_Top Loops_16_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_15_124 THW4_Top Loops_15_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_14_124 THW4_Top Loops_14_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_13_124 THW4_Top Loops_13_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_12_124 THW4_Top Loops_12_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_11_124 THW4_Top Loops_11_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_10_124 THW4_Top Loops_10_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_09_124 THW4_Top Loops_09_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_08_124 THW4_Top Loops_08_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_07_124 THW4_Top Loops_07_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_06_124 THW4_Top Loops_06_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_05_124 THW4_Top Loops_05_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_04_124 THW4_Top Loops_04_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_03_124 THW4_Top Loops_03_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_02_124 THW4_Top Loops_02_124 124
THW4_Top Loops_01_124 THW4_Top Loops_01_124 124
THW4_SynthLoops_23_Cmaj_124 THW4_SynthLoops_23_Cmaj_124 Cmaj 124
THW4_SynthLoops_22_Bmaj_124 THW4_SynthLoops_22_Bmaj_124 Bmaj 124
THW4_SynthLoops_21_Cmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_21_Cmin_124 Cmin 124
THW4_SynthLoops_20_Cmaj_124 THW4_SynthLoops_20_Cmaj_124 Cmaj 124
THW4_SynthLoops_19_G#min_124 THW4_SynthLoops_19_G#min_124 G 124
THW4_SynthLoops_18_Bmaj_124 THW4_SynthLoops_18_Bmaj_124 Bmaj 124
THW4_SynthLoops_17_Cmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_17_Cmin_124 Cmin 124
THW4_SynthLoops_16_Cmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_16_Cmin_124 Cmin 124
THW4_SynthLoops_15_Cmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_15_Cmin_124 Cmin 124
THW4_SynthLoops_14_Ebmaj_124 THW4_SynthLoops_14_Ebmaj_124 Ebmaj 124
THW4_SynthLoops_13_Cmaj_124 THW4_SynthLoops_13_Cmaj_124 Cmaj 124
THW4_SynthLoops_12_Cmaj_124 THW4_SynthLoops_12_Cmaj_124 Cmaj 124
THW4_SynthLoops_11_Fmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_11_Fmin_124 Fmin 124
THW4_SynthLoops_10_Cmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_10_Cmin_124 Cmin 124
THW4_SynthLoops_09_Cmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_09_Cmin_124 Cmin 124
THW4_SynthLoops_08_Gmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_08_Gmin_124 G 124
THW4_SynthLoops_07_Cmaj_124 THW4_SynthLoops_07_Cmaj_124 Cmaj 124
THW4_SynthLoops_06_Gmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_06_Gmin_124 G 124
THW4_SynthLoops_05_Gmaj_124 THW4_SynthLoops_05_Gmaj_124 G 124
THW4_SynthLoops_04_Emin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_04_Emin_124 Emin 124
THW4_SynthLoops_03_Cmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_03_Cmin_124 Cmin 124
THW4_SynthLoops_02_Cmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_02_Cmin_124 Cmin 124
THW4_SynthLoops_01_Cmin_124 THW4_SynthLoops_01_Cmin_124 Cmin 124
THW4_PercuLoops_15_124 THW4_PercuLoops_15_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_14_124 THW4_PercuLoops_14_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_13_124 THW4_PercuLoops_13_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_12_124 THW4_PercuLoops_12_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_11_124 THW4_PercuLoops_11_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_10_124 THW4_PercuLoops_10_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_09_124 THW4_PercuLoops_09_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_08_124 THW4_PercuLoops_08_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_07_124 THW4_PercuLoops_07_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_06_124 THW4_PercuLoops_06_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_05_124 THW4_PercuLoops_05_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_04_124 THW4_PercuLoops_04_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_03_124 THW4_PercuLoops_03_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_02_124 THW4_PercuLoops_02_124 124
THW4_PercuLoops_01_124 THW4_PercuLoops_01_124 124
THW4_Snare_15 THW4_Snare_15
THW4_Snare_14 THW4_Snare_14
THW4_Snare_13 THW4_Snare_13
THW4_Snare_12 THW4_Snare_12
THW4_Snare_11 THW4_Snare_11
THW4_Snare_10 THW4_Snare_10
THW4_Snare_09 THW4_Snare_09
THW4_Snare_08 THW4_Snare_08
THW4_Snare_07 THW4_Snare_07
THW4_Snare_06 THW4_Snare_06
THW4_Snare_05 THW4_Snare_05
THW4_Snare_04 THW4_Snare_04
THW4_Snare_03 THW4_Snare_03
THW4_Snare_02 THW4_Snare_02
THW4_Snare_01 THW4_Snare_01
THW4_Kick_15 THW4_Kick_15
THW4_Kick_14 THW4_Kick_14
THW4_Kick_13 THW4_Kick_13
THW4_Kick_12 THW4_Kick_12
THW4_Kick_11 THW4_Kick_11
THW4_Kick_10 THW4_Kick_10
THW4_Kick_09 THW4_Kick_09
THW4_Kick_08 THW4_Kick_08
THW4_Kick_07 THW4_Kick_07
THW4_Kick_06 THW4_Kick_06
THW4_Kick_05 THW4_Kick_05
THW4_Kick_04 THW4_Kick_04
THW4_Kick_03 THW4_Kick_03
THW4_Kick_02 THW4_Kick_02
THW4_Kick_01 THW4_Kick_01
THW4_HH_15 THW4_HH_15
THW4_HH_14 THW4_HH_14
THW4_HH_13 THW4_HH_13
THW4_HH_12 THW4_HH_12
THW4_HH_11 THW4_HH_11
THW4_HH_10 THW4_HH_10
THW4_HH_09 THW4_HH_09
THW4_HH_08 THW4_HH_08
THW4_HH_07 THW4_HH_07
THW4_HH_06 THW4_HH_06
THW4_HH_05 THW4_HH_05