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Techno Pads Effects Vol 3

Techno Pads Effects Vol 3

Rafal Kulik

Techno Pads Effects is a collection developed by Rafal Kulik.

All samples are stacked with inspirational, warm and inventive single or short pads and effects sounds.

This collection of sound is good for anyone making House, Techno, Minimal, Electronica, Trance, Drum n Bass and any other future genre.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
22VefxDarky1 22VefxDarky1
21VpadLong1 21VpadLong1
21VefxLong2patt1 21VefxLong2patt1
21pad_lead1 21pad_lead1
20poizonePAd1 20poizonePAd1
20pink_pad1 20pink_pad1
19VplayPinkPad4 19VplayPinkPad4
19Vefx_high1 19Vefx_high1
19VefxLong1 19VefxLong1
19padxc1 19padxc1
19padLovMA1 19padLovMA1
19padFRT 19padFRT
18VpadLive16x135 18VpadLive16x135
18Vpad1 18Vpad1
18poizonePad130x16lov1 18poizonePad130x16lov1
18padLx1 18padLx1
18pad1 18pad1
18cs1x_pad130x16lov1 18cs1x_pad130x16lov1
17VplayPinkPad3 17VplayPinkPad3
17PadLovIn-out 17PadLovIn-out
17padDetune 17padDetune
17efxlong1 17efxlong1
16VplayPinkPad2 16VplayPinkPad2
16VpadLov16x 16VpadLov16x
16Vpad1 16Vpad1
16VefxDistortHD 16VefxDistortHD
16padFT 16padFT
16padEcho1 16padEcho1
16pad1 16pad1
16highPad_line_x16 16highPad_line_x16
16efxL1 16efxL1
15VplayPinkPad 15VplayPinkPad
15VefxScary1 15VefxScary1
15VefxLong1 15VefxLong1
15VefxHellLike1 15VefxHellLike1
15Vefx8ft 15Vefx8ft
15SYefx1 15SYefx1
15poizoneDarkPAd1 15poizoneDarkPAd1
15padPlayLong 15padPlayLong
15pad 15pad
15lovPadShmelody 15lovPadShmelody
14Vsth_pad1 14Vsth_pad1
14VpadInto1 14VpadInto1
14VefxSth1 14VefxSth1
14Vefx7lovElectric 14Vefx7lovElectric
14SYefxX2 14SYefxX2
14syEfx3lov 14syEfx3lov
14pad_high2 14pad_high2
14padX1 14padX1
14pad1 14pad1
14maPpadMelody 14maPpadMelody
14MApadX1 14MApadX1
14efxBackBasSTHlov 14efxBackBasSTHlov
14efxAF4 14efxAF4
13VpadLov1 13VpadLov1
13VefxFiltered2x 13VefxFiltered2x
13VarpEFX1 13VarpEFX1
13SYefx2dist 13SYefx2dist
13syEfx1 13syEfx1
13pad_high 13pad_high
13pad1 13pad1
13efxNE 13efxNE
13AFplay1pad 13AFplay1pad
13AFpadPink1 13AFpadPink1
12VpadLovEchoHigh 12VpadLovEchoHigh
12VpadLong1 12VpadLong1
12Vefx6ciolEcho 12Vefx6ciolEcho
12SYefxAlien1 12SYefxAlien1
12sthPad1 12sthPad1
12ruraPad1 12ruraPad1
12pad_noise 12pad_noise
12pad_lfo1 12pad_lfo1
12padLong6 12padLong6
12pad1 12pad1