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Creative Sound Effects

At Loot Audio we have over 5000 sample packs for you to choose from and over 250,000 individual samples. Finding the right sounds for your project can be a tricky task so we decided to recommend some of the best recent releases for you.

These packs feature incredible sound design elements for a multitude of uses. If you are working in movie sound design, creating atmospherics for video games or just need to include unique sounds in your productions then I'm sure you will find something for your project below.

Shortwave Radio Sound Effects

Shortwave Radio Sound Effects

Shortwave Radio Sound Effects

This is an extended and re-mastered source part of more advanced Radiomorph library.

Shortwave radio is a strange, noisy and constantly changing soundscape, but it can pick up lots of interesting things: whine, fading stations, atmospheric noises, heterodyne, voices in foreign languages from distant broadcasts.

Time of day, location, weather, solar activity, ionosphere - all these things have huge impact to what receiver can pick up.

This affordable library is a great way to add unique, squelchy, noisy, unpredictable LoFi sounds to your arsenal!

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Advanced Cinematic Sound Files!

Advanced Cinematic Sound Files!

The follow up to our hit cinematic library Sinematic, Sinematic 2 is now here!

We've gone all out to bring you the best of the best in designed and source files, more than doubling the size of the first release!

Designed in collaboration with the same world class sound designers as Robotic Lifeforms 2 and Sinematic...we are really proud to give you even more awesome Sinematic goodness!

This library was created over the last 2 years using extensive high end recording techniques, KYMA, and Euro Rack Modular setups.

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Advanced Cinematic Sound Files!
Modern, ultra cinematic sound effects

Modern, ultra cinematic sound effects

Modern, ultra cinematic sound effects

CineDrop is the second installment of CINE series.

It is a modern, ultra cinematic, take on classic slowmo/downer sound effects with a dark twist.

CineDrop (Cinematic Drop) is a library created with sound designers and gamedevs in mind.

Control pace of your project, add suspense and drama and make those subwoofers hot.

Collection consists of 57 carefully designed and rendered sound effects with baked-in Soundminer’s metadata.

All sounds have been created and processed using top tier gear in order to deliver crisp, modern, error free sound.

Find out what Euro Rack Synths morphed with modern digital synths and foley field recordings sound like.

RECORDED WITH: Sound Devices MixPre 6 + Senhheiser MKH8060
CREATED AND EDITED WITH: Modular, DBX 120A, TC Finalizer 96k, Reaktor, Serum, Live, Pro Tools.

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Trailer SFX

'Cobalt - Trailer SFX' from Bluezone Corporation contains over 179 ambiences, massive impacts / Cinematic hits, dark soundscapes, energetic sound effects, rises, industrial background sounds, transitions / whooshes, analog synth drones and innovating textures you never heard. All samples are perfect for cinematic and movie music productions, modern soundtracks, Ambient / Experimental musical projects, Trailers and more. This downloadable sample library provides a wide range of meticulously recorded elements ( 1.65 GB ) in WAV and AIFF formats. 'Cobalt - Trailer SFX' library comes to you in 24-bit high definition and is licensed to you as Royalty-Free so you can use it in your commercial compositions at no extra cost.

Ginno Legaspi review - SoundBytes Magazine :

"This sample pack from Bluezone Corporation takes inspiration from the cinematic side of electronica genre and includes a variety of effects staples such as textures, drones, whooshes, transitions, rises, soundscapes and sound effects. Bluezone packed plenty of samples to play with (1.65 GB of content) along with popular audio formats WAV and AIFF supported. With 179 files in 24-bit there are plenty of quality sounds to play here with. If you’re experimental like me, the samples are easy to work with because most of them invite you, the producer, for further processing. This is a big plus because sometimes I’d like to torture my samples beyond recognition. But these meticulously recorded elements are good on their own. As always, Bluezone delivers quality samples at a modest price for personal or commercial usage. If you’re seeking a library chuck full of futuristic elements make sure you consider this pack."

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Trailer SFX
Over 1000 HD Cinematic Sound Effects

Over 1000 HD Cinematic Sound Effects

Over 1000 HD Cinematic Sound Effects

Cinematic SFX Vol 1 contains over 1000 HD (96KHZ/24BIT) WAV files for a total of 2.38GB, in 7 categories:

BOOMS - 50 big screen “boom” kind of sounds with lot of low frequencies for any kind of impact moments.
FX - 150 totally different sounds mixed together. Reversed door slides, impacts, machines.
MACHINES - 70 abstract sounds created form V8 engines, toys, drill sounds, food processors and even a flushes from the water closet.
SMASHES - 325 mixed and processed hits, smashes, squishes.
SUPER FASTS - 250 very quick and strange sounds. Great for game objects, interfaces, little machines, switches as well as for quick video transitions.
WOOBOOS - 115 fantastic tools for any composer. “Incomings” and “Booms” of different tempo processed and mixed together.
WOOS - 115 sounds for passes or long transitions. Mixed with the “BOOMS” category allows you to create your own “WOOBOOS”.

Please Note: This is not a Kontakt instrument. It is a massive colelction of sound design wav files for your productions.

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