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Genius Loci: Kalogria

Kontakt Version Required:
5.8.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player) - learn more
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Organic sounds of nature and found objects recorded on the spot in Kalogria, Greece.

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Genius Loci: Kalogria
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Product Overview

This library contains sounds gathered during my holiday visit of a beautiful place in north-western Greece, Kalogria. It is the second instalment of the Genius Loci series dedicated to places with a unique atmosphere, which inspired me to take out the microphone and collect sounds.

Like the previous one, Obzor, this collection also brings sounds of sea, sand, meadows and insect as well as various found items. Both day and night ambiences were recorded, wide array of sea water sounds, sand, rocks and shells and also a lot of bushes, wood and bamboo kind of sounds, both percussive and tonal. A few plastic and metal objects like parts of a buoy left on a beach, or a football goal and iron gate can be found here too. To add some more musicality to the collection, several synth presetss were created using a hardware synth and effect units. Mellow pads as well as disturbing, dark backgrounds to the organic sound core of the library.

Key Features

  • 16 bit / 44,1 kHz wav format
  • 1,73 GB installed
  • 155 basic original patches (Ambiences, Bamboo, Bushes, Sea and water...)
  • 63 derived single patches
  • 40 derived multi patches
  • up to 5 r. robins per sample set
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 and above full version required


Notes and tips

Preserve the patches in their folders - especially "Basic" ones. These are the originals, from which other patches (Single, Multi) were derived.

Use the "Tune" knob of the instrument to change the pitch of the sample set and "Pan" slider under it to alter panorama.

Browse the directories (Basic, Single, Multi) and use the patches within as starting points for your own creative efforts. Store created patches in "User" folder afterward.

Build your own "multis". Join two or more patches together to create interesting sound combinations. It is fun!

Hovering your mouse over a knob or a button will activate a help text shown in the info bar at the bottom of the window.

FX knobs are, as you can see, depicted in the form of a sea shell, not displaying the exact values and it is made so for a reason – let us trust our ears more than eyes

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Who would enjoy this collection?

I believe, this collection of sounds would be interesting to all composers, who like to throw some interesting sonic textures or backgrounds in here and there. Also to all ambient music makers, who could find a use for a long sea wave loops and maritime ambiences. Scoring an animated movie, or an indie game? Playing live as an ambient/experimental electronic music act? You just love the sea and the sounds it makes and are familiar with Kontakt? This library is surely a nice addition to the sample collection of every creative musician or a sample lover!

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