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Native Voice Aiza

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Bela D Media

A female vocalist of Pakistani descent

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Native Voice Aiza
Bela D Media
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Product Overview

Broken into a four-part series, Bela D Media has reinvented a classic vocal library. Originally recorded in 2009 by producer Rishabh Rajan Native Voice – with advanced scripting control and remastered audio – is ready for prime time once again. Featuring a female vocalist of Pakistani descent, AIZA is certain to unleash your creative genius. Though the vocal phrases in use do not include actual words of meaning, the soloist sings with an indigenous tongue and the user is creating the illusion of language. Current installments of Native Voice include: SORA (A female vocalist of Japanese descent) and MAYA (A female vocalist of Lebanese descent). A Norwegian vocalist will be available in the final installment of Native Voice.




What's inside?

Sample Details

• Soprano solo voice
• Pakistani descent
• 72 sampled vocal phrases
• Various keys

Audio Details

• Studio dry-environment
• Historic Church IRF included
• Near microphone positioning
• Recorded via the Neumann U-87 via Pro Tools HD
• 24 bit audio


Vocal Tools Phrase Control

Vocal Tools Phrase Control is a sophisticated power tool designed to ease the burden of the working composer. Most aspects are done behind the scenes or on the fly. Once again, Bela D Media offers a new and exciting level when working with the sampled voice. With this insightful and user-friendly script, the user has control without guesswork.

Jukebox style phrase sequencing

See, control, and sequence what you hear!

  • Dropdown menu displaying musical key of every phrase
  • Dropdown menu with the phonetic spelling of every phrase
  • Mod wheel controlled sample offset for linear phrase manipulation
  • Pitch Bend wheel assigned to sample speed offset (slowing and speed-up) for subtle tempo manipulation
  • Multiverse creation banks
  • 12 storage locations
  • 16 steps per self-created vocal movement
  • GUI controllable attack and release per vocal element
  • GUI controllable vocal EQ and Effect
  • GUI controllable Impulse Response church reverb
  • Bypass for a studio dry environment
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