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Classical Acoustic Guitar

Kontakt Version Required:
5.3 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player) - learn more
Product Version: 8

Replika Sound

With Adaptive/Hybrid Legato and 11 Articulations

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Classical Acoustic Guitar
Replika Sound
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Product Overview

Classical Acoustic Guitar from Replika Sound is a deeply sampled and incredibly detailed guitar library for Kontakt. Featuring Adaptive/Hybrid Legato and 11 Articulations and many other unique features which allow you to create realistic performances in your DAW.

Auto Hammer-On/ Pull-Off allows you to automatically have Hammer-On or Pull-Off Samples sounded just by playing overlapping Notes. Notes overlap - it’s a Hammer On. Notes don’t and it’s a normal picked Note. You can select the Note Range (in semitones) that Hammer-Ons / Pull-Offs will occur. Auto Hammer / Pull gives great realism without all the Key-switching


Key Features

  • Auto Hammer-On / Pull-Off (Accessible without the need for Key-switching).
  • Auto Natural Harmonics (Accessible without the need for Key-switching).
  • 11 Key-switched Dynamic Articulations.
  • Tempo-synced Volume (Stutter/Tremelo) Gate with 2 LFO Shapes, Width and Phase Controls.
  • Easy-Play Chord Mode with Strum Speed, Direction, Note Emphasis & Octave Switch.
  • 30 Bar Chord Types, 25 Common Open Chords and Power Chords
  • Customisable Slide-Up Articulation Speed.
  • Customisable Slide-Down Articulation Speed.
  • Customisable Velocity Sensitivity.
  • Customisable Sample Playback Offset.
  • Auto Random Fret Noise.
  • Tremelo Picking Controls.
  • Mod-Wheel Controlled Vibrato.
  • Simple Broad Treble & Bass Controls.
  • Note Range : Low D (D1) to E5
  • Random Robin Note Alternation and Note Borrowing
  • 5 on-board FX Units – 4 Band EQ, Chorus, Transient Master, Tempo-synced Delay, Convolution Reverb (with 29 IRs).
  • Variable Pitch Bend Range from 0 to 12 Semi-tones.
  • Patching Menus for customising all Main MIDI Controls.
  • Articulation specific Purge Functions.
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.3+ Required




Natural Harmonics can be automatically played (without Key-switching) easily by playing soft (low Velocity) Notes. You can select a Velocity Range below which Natural Harmonics will sound when a Key is played. The Natural Harmonics Articulation also has its own Key-switch should you prefer to use that.


Not limited to specific strumming patterns or rhythms - you play in what you like. When one of the Chord Switches is engaged two sections of the Keyboard open up - one for Down Strums one for Up Strums.

You can choose from Bar Chords, Open Chords and Power Chords.

  • Free Chord Play - Simply use the top end of the Keyboard to select the type of Chord you want then play in the Root Notes as you like. This is a simple, flexible and naturally intuitive way of playing Chords. If you can tap out simple rhythms with your left and right hands then you can easily play Chords on our Guitars.
  • Mute Strums - We also have a section of the Keyboard for what we call "Mute Strums". These are muted percussive strums. These can be used to punctuate your rhythmic Chord playing to funk up your vamps.
  • Speed and Emphasis - Easily control Strum Speed and Note Emphasis (bring out high or low Notes of each Chord) with simple dial controls.


There are 2 full ADSR Volume Envelopes allowing you to shape the sound of the Long Notes (Sustain, Hammer-On, Pull-Off, Harmonics, Sul Ponticello) and the Short Notes (Marcato & Staccato) separately. This gives great flexibility in shaping the Guitar to suit your music.


All the Samples in the Classical Acoustic Guitar were recorded with a certain amount of Pluck sound (approx. 25 ms) that happens before the actual Note starts. Use the Offset to change how much of this is heard. Change the Velocity sensitivity of the Instrument to suit your music.


Classical Acoustic Guitar comes with a Tempo-synced Volume stutter Gate. This acts like a tempo timed tremelo effect. There are two LFO shapes – smooth Sine Wave Volume Modulation and clearly defined Rectangular Wave Volume Stutters. Choose volume gating rates from 1/16th beat up to 4 beats (2 Triplet options available)


There is a dedicated section for controlling multi-LFO based vibrato. This can be continuously adjusted in real-time for natural vibrato using your Mod-Wheel. Classical Acoustic Guitar also responds to pitch wheel movements which can be used for string bends and vibrato. Pitch Bend Range is Customisable up to + / - 12 semitones.


Switch this on for rapid note picking. You adjust the speed - the instrument will randomly allocate a note from the appropriate articulations group to give a human fast picked sound.


In lots of styles of Guitar playing Sliding Up before playing a Note and Sliding Down the Fret board after a Note are common ways of adding expression and character to a phrase. You can adjust the lengths of each of these Articulations to suit each phrase you are playing.


Fret squeaks are part of acoustic guitar playing. Classical Acoustic Guitar has a section dedicated to playing random Fret Noises. You can control how often they occur and how loud they are. There is a separate Key-switched Fret Noise Articulation but the Auto-function here allows you to forget about them and concentrate on just playing the Instrument.


  • Sustain (No Vibrato)
  • Marcato (Medium length)
  • Staccato (Short length)
  • Hammer-On
  • Pull-Off
  • Slide-Up into Note
  • Slide-Down after Note
  • Fret Noise
  • Natural Harmonics
  • Sul Ponticello (Notes plucked near the bridge)
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  • 4 Band Equalizer
  • Chorus
  • Transient Master
  • Tempo-synced Delay
  • Convolution Reverb
  • 29 Reverb Impulse Responses
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The commonly used Dials and Switches on the Main Interface have MIDI Channels assigned to them for quick access and control by an external MIDI controller. You can change the MIDI channel for each control to totally customise Classical Acoustic Guitar to suit you.

You also have the option to unload any Articulation Groups you don't need if you want to reduce the RAM footprint of the instrument.

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