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Triple Spiral Audio

Ambient library for Omnisphere 2 inspired by the Arctic (cold, ambient, mysterious)

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Triple Spiral Audio
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Product Overview

Zembla is a new ambient library for Omnisphere 2 created fully with custom soundsources. It contains 105 presets and 240 soundsources.

The sounds in Zembla are inspired by the Arctic region and the presets have a cold, ambient, but also sometimes a mysterious and experimental character.

A lot of pads, textures and soundscapes make use of the BIAS modulation mode. This means that the sounds in the 4 layers are a sort of “split” in the keyboard range with where they blend into eachother, which gives the preset a lot different character. The sounds are of course choses so that they fit together.

You will find also also Keyboard split presets, also using the BIAS modulation, where in the lower keyboard region a percussive or environmental sound will be played and in the upper keyboard range a pad or texture.

Please note this version requires Omnisphere 2.6 to be used and requires 2.5 GB free space.

Zembla is also available in Unify format. For more information about Unify, check out Pluginguru’s Unify page here:



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