Fire Chill Hip Hop

Epic Stock Media

A cross genre sample pack featuring warm gritty flavors and professional sounding production audio assets.

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Fire Chill Hip Hop
Epic Stock Media
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Product Overview

'Fire Chill Hip Hop' by Epic Stock Media includes 140 laid back Hip Hop drum loops, dreamy pads, nostalgic rhythms, soulful melodies, thick bass lines, lo-fi chord progressions, textured hybrid keys, swirling synth plucks, gritty and smooth drum one shots and a variety of head bobbing beat maker essentials.

'Fire Chill Hip Hop' is a cross genre sample pack featuring warm gritty flavors and professional sounding production audio assets ranging from styles like Chill Trap, Lo-fi Hip Hop, Indie, Alternative, RandB, Minimal, Urban, Electro, Pop, and Soul among other beat driven music genres.

All files are Royalty-Free and supplied to you in high quality 24-Bit WAV format that can be used in the most popular samplers, DAWs, and plugins with drag and drop plugin features.


What's inside?

• 67 Loops
• 73 One Shots
• 12 Bass & Sub Loops
• 12 Drum Loops
• 43 Melodic Loops
• 10 Bass & Sub One Shots
• 43 Kick, Hat, Percussion, Snare, Tom One Shots
• 20 Melodic Stab One Shots

Sounds in this pack

All Samples
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Chill_Hop_Chord_Emotion_F#min_Lofi_Retro_Blip_Quick_Layers_Accents
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Chill_Hop_Synth_Cry_C_Lofi_Retro_Blip_Quick_Layers_Accents
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Chill_Hop_Guitar_Soft_C_Lofi_Retro_Blip_Quick_Layers_Accents
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Chill_Hop_Synth_Horn_G#_Lofi_Retro_Blip_Quick_Layers_Accents
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Chill_Hop_Synth_What_G_Lofi_Retro_Blip_Quick_Layers_Accents
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Chill_Hop_Chord_Streets_Bmin_Lofi_Retro_Blip_Quick_Layers_Accents
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Chill_Hop_Synth_Rob_C_Lofi_Retro_Blip_Quick_Layers_Accents
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Chill_Hop_Synth_Cat_F#_Lofi_Retro_Blip_Quick_Layers_Accents
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Chill_Hop_Synth_Water_F_Lofi_Retro_Blip_Quick_Layers_Accents
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Chill_Hop_Guitar_The_Bar_D_Lofi_Retro_Blip_Quick_Layers_Accents
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