Gameplay Background Music Loops

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141 Soundtrack loops. All game ready and Royalty-Free.

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Gameplay Background Music Loops
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Product Overview

'Gameplay Background Music Loops' presents a designed set of 141 Soundtrack loops. All game ready and Royalty-Free.

No need to wonder how the music for your project is going to be completed since Gameplay Background Music Loops is at the ready and equips sound supervisors, game developers and producers with a complete and versatile collection of 53 loop-able musical themes containing an additional 88 Alt versions, Mixes and Ambient loops.

Explore through a game-ified set of musical loops and instantly have the ability to create inspiring musical backgrounds that are of outstanding quality and ready to Drag and Drop into your project for your ultimate time-saving music solution.

Includes over 2 hours of loop-able Soundtracks, Cues and Soundscapes that are perfect for Mobile Games, like RPG, MMO, Space, Futuristic, Casual Games, and Scenarios like loading screens, menu pages, gameplay, levels, scene breaks, splash screens, game logos and game start and over screens. Gameplay Background Music Loops is the perfect complement to your next sound effects production. When used in combination, you'll have everything you need to produce modern and engaging audio experience for your users and listeners.

What's inside?

• 141 Music Loops
• 53 Themes With Alternative Loop Versions
• 40 Cinematic Loops
• 17 Ethereal Loops
• 22 Loading Screen Loops
• 18 Menu Music Loops
• 25 Tension & Suspense Loops
• 19 Happy Uptempo Loops
• Soundminer Metadata 
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit
• 100% Royalty-Free

Sounds in this pack

All Samples
Product image Game_Ethereal_115_After_Extinction_Heaven_Hope_Joy_Pad_Calm_Tranquil_Peaceful_Angelic_Elves_Gnomes_Lords_Knights_Em
Product image Game_Ethereal_84_Meadows_In_Moonlight_Heaven_Hope_Joy_Pad_Calm_Tranquil_Peaceful_Angelic_D
Product image Game_Ethereal_77_Spirits_In_The_Mist_Heaven_Hope_Joy_Pad_Calm_Tranquil_Peaceful_Angelic_D
Product image Game_Ethereal_96_Break_Of_Dawn_Minimal_Heaven_Hope_Joy_Pad_Calm_Tranquil_Peaceful_Angelic_C
Product image Game_Ethereal_111_Chasing_Fairies_Heaven_Hope_Joy_Pad_Calm_Tranquil_Peaceful_Angelic_Elves_Gnomes_Lords_Knights_B
Product image Game_Ethereal_120_The_Light_That_Glows_Heaven_Hope_Joy_Pad_Calm_Tranquil_Peaceful_Angelic_A
Product image Game_Ethereal_115_After_Extinction_Minimal_Heaven_Hope_Joy_Pad_Calm_Tranquil_Peaceful_Angelic_Elves_Gnomes_Lords_Knights_Em
Product image Game_Ethereal_111_Chasing_Fairies_Minimal_Heaven_Hope_Joy_Pad_Calm_Tranquil_Peaceful_Angelic_Elves_Gnomes_Lords_Knights_B
Product image Game_Ethereal_75_Into_The_Unknown_Heaven_Hope_Joy_Pad_Calm_Tranquil_Peaceful_Angelic_D
Product image Game_Ethereal_89_Execution_Hall_Force_Battle_Scene_Fighting_Dark_Fear_Horror_Eb
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