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Pop Piano House

Epic Stock Media

Popular pop house musical loops, with modern & hybrid tech flare

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Pop Piano House
Epic Stock Media
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Product Overview

Full of feel good vibes, & club energy. Pop Piano House features a bold main stream blend of popular pop house musical loops, with modern & hybrid tech flare. Inside find mesmerizing keys, swelling rhythmic pads, bouncing bass-lines, booming punchy kick, and other-worldly vocals creating endless possibilities within genres like: EDM, Dubstep, House, Electronic, Dance, Club, and more!

Immerse yourself in house music culture with this inspired & curated selection of samples & midi files. Explore intricate pattens, and diverse sound sets perfectly nested together & ready for your house tracks. Dive into organic pianos, fuzzy keys, catchy melodies, chord progressions, textured percussion, accent stabs to add flare, bass lines to pump it up, pocket punchy kicks & more. This pack is sure to inspire and has everything you need to bring your creations to the frontlines. Plus, you get 106 midi files so you can further any sound & instrument.

All files are 100% Royalty-Free and supplied to you in a high-quality 48k/24-Bit WAV format that can be used in the most popular samplers, DAWs, and plugins with drag & drop plugin features. Take hold of your future, and get started making a change in the realms of music creation with Pop Piano House by ESM.




What's inside?

  • 360 total files
  • 254 loops & one shots
  • 106 midi files
  • 357 MB of loops & one-shots
  • All in high-quality 48k/24-Bit WAV
  • 18+ min of sound
  • 100% royalty-free
  • Embedded with soundminer metadata


  • 30 bass loops
  • 24 drum percussion loops
  • 48 melodic loops
  • 30 piano loops


  • 13 claps
  • 9 bass one-shots
  • 15 hi-hats
  • 14 kicks
  • 18 percussion
  • 11 shakers
  • 25 melodic one-shots
  • 17 vocal one-shots
  • 30 bass midi files
  • 46 melodic midi files
  • 30 piano midi files
  • All files form, key, & bpm labeled
  • Compatible with PC/Mac and all DAW’s

Sounds in this pack

All Samples Name Key BPM
ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Pluck_Bike_C_Stab_Club ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Pluck_Bike_C_Stab_Club C
ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Reese_Pad_Top_D_Stab_Club ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Reese_Pad_Top_D_Stab_Club D
ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Trombone_Reso_F_Stab_Club ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Trombone_Reso_F_Stab_Club F
ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Piano_Underlay_Am_Stab_Club ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Piano_Underlay_Am_Stab_Club
ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Piano_Summer_Fmaj_Stab_Club ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Piano_Summer_Fmaj_Stab_Club
ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Piano_FIsh_Gmaj_Stab_Club ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Piano_FIsh_Gmaj_Stab_Club Gmaj
ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Reese_Pad_Invisible_D#_Stab_Club ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Reese_Pad_Invisible_D#_Stab_Club D#
ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Piano_Mood_Fm_Stab_Club ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Piano_Mood_Fm_Stab_Club Fm
ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Reese_Pad_Fire_A_Stab_Club ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Reese_Pad_Fire_A_Stab_Club A
ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Piano_Battery_Cmaj_Stab_Club ESM_One_Shot_Piano_House_Melodic_Piano_Battery_Cmaj_Stab_Club Cmaj
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