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Complex Cinematic Mystery

Federico Soler Fernández

An unsettling blend of ominous drones and mind-bending sound design

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Complex Cinematic Mystery
Federico Soler Fernández
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Product Overview

CCMS offers an unsettling blend of ominous drones, mind-bending sound design overlays, and gruesome bass layers. Perfect for modern psychological mystery shows, dark suspenseful slow-burns, chilling cerebral narratives, and off-beat dystopian scenarios.

All sample packs within the Complex Cinematic Series contain:

SCENES: Samples labeled "Full Mix"

ALT SCENES: Samples labeled "ALT"

STEMS: Samples labeled "STEM"

FULL SCENES: The result of combining all three included STEMs (Drones, Overlay, and Bass) into one fully finished piece ready to be imported into your project.

ALT SCENES: Stripped down versions of the main scene showcasing different ways of combining the included stems for a less complex result:

No Bass: No action on the low-end of the spectrum while still retaining the life and recognizable elements of the Drone+Overlay combo. Perfect for layering booms, subs, hits, and pulses underneath without any masking issues.

No Drone: A personal favorite. Offers a detailed representation of the nuances in the Overlay STEM with a full low-end provided by the Bass STEM.
No Overlay: A more static version of the full scene without the rhythmic movement provided by the Overlay STEM. Perfect for intros with instrumental and/or vocal layers on top.

STEMS: Each of the individual samples used in the creation of Full Mix and ALT scenes with simple yet effective labeling for identification purposes.





  • Number of Files: 189 High-Quality WAVS (01:35:19)
  • Number of Scenes: 27
  • Number of Alt Scenes: 81
  • Number of Stems: 81
  • Size Unpacked: 1.53 GB
  • Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
  • Other Info: Meta-Tagged (Soundly)

PRO TIP: I encourage you to experiment with different combinations of STEM and ALT files other than the ones suggested by default. The pack has been intentionally designed as a playground for the creative professional, offering solutions for quick use in an "as is" basis as well as endless explorational capabilities for composers in search of customizable content.


TAGS: mystery, psychological, dark, suspenseful, slow-burn, scary, ominous, unsettling, cerebral, dystopian, chilling, mind-bending, offbeat, gruesome

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