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KEDR Audio

Ringtones and notifications for movies, games or TV production

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KEDR Audio
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Product Overview

Ringtones and notifications for movies, games or TV production are tricky things.

You can't just use stock ringtones from smartphone manufacturers due to copyright. Ringtones with strong harmony can clash with background music and many ringtones from SFX libraries are just overused. There is a way out!

This library consists of 423 files (1600+ sounds), which are divided into categories, such as: ringtones, alarms, notifications, UI, lock-unlock and etc.

You'll also find a Foley folder, which contains vibrations, mechanical buttons, tone dials and etc, recorded with four smartphones of different age.

But that's not all: every sound was re-recorded using stereo microphones from three different smartphones, ranging from vintage to modern, for instant worldizing and authentic cinematic feel.

This library will strengthen up your sonic arsenal like heavy duty smartphone tempered glass!

Key Features

  • 423 files/1600+ sounds
  • Copyright free
  • 96khz/24bit stereo
  • Handy smartphone (or any electronic phone) toolkit, consists of several categories, such as Ringtones, Alarms, UI, Notifications, Camera and etc.
  • Completely worldized (re-recorded in real world using stereo mics) with 3 different smartphones, ranging from vintage to modern
  • Foley folder with vibrations, mechanical buttons and etc
  • Extensive Soundminer and BWF metadata for search engines
  • Universal Category System (UCS) compliant

423 files / 1600+ sounds
Time: 73 min / 1 hr 13 min
Size: 2.37 Gb
Quality: 96Khz/24bit Stereo

Categories: smartphone, vibro, vibration, notification, alarm, UI, lock unlock, camera, interface, ringtone, SMS, messager, worldize, phone, cellular, tablet, button, tonal dial

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