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KEDR Audio

Shortwave radio receiver sound design

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KEDR Audio
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Product Overview

What if we'll take shortwave radio receiver and turn its output to a variety of sound effects?

The result will be not only a set of dark, dirty, noisy and distorted effects, but also subtle, deep atmospheres and even some kind of melodic sounds!

This library is extremely versatile and not focusing on individual types of sound effects.

Here you'll find distant radio transmissions, strange modulated voices, whine and static, but also designed atmospheres, that can be used as interiors of spaceships, machinery or computer rooms, whooshes, passbys, textures, transformations, alien voices, stutters, morphing effects, granular clouds, risers, UI, impacts and much more, that you may need when working with trailers, music, game sound or movies.

But that's not all, as turned out it's even possible to make melodic sounds out of these noisy soundscapes!

Try this library and you'll be happy to add such a unique audio source to your SFX arsenal!



  • 457 sound effects and ambiences made from eurorack shortwave radio receiver
  • 70 raw source files included
  • 96khz/24bit quality
  • High diversity library for various applications
  • Perfect source of dark, gritty and noisy textures for SFX production
  • Categorized by types of effects: Source, Ambience, Harmonic, Designed, Processed and etc
  • Contains metadata for search engines
  • Equipment used: Evaton RF Nomad eurorack module, Sound Devices MixPre 6
  • 4 hrs 08 min
  • 6.55 Gb

Categories: radio, rf, whine, static, noise, ambience, spaceship, hum, passby, whoosh, sci-fi, granular, transform, morph, stutter, mech, lo-fi, UI, interface, computer, trailer, transformer

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