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Sci-Fi UI


A collection of 401 unique, futuristic, alien-technology sounds divided into 7 thematic collections.

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Sci-Fi UI
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Product Overview

Sci-Fi UI is a collection of 401 unique, futuristic, alien-technology sounds divided into 7 thematic collections. This is not just another collection of bleeps and bloops. The sounds were created by manipulating field recordings, Foley, and sound effects giving them a personality with an organic, emotional and performative feel. The types of sounds include positive, negative, and neutral alerts, alarm loops, file and program loading, power up and power down sounds, software glitches, and system failures. Also included is a collection of alien technology ambience loops called “Control Room Tones” to help you design your spaceship interiors.


Aqua Droid - The technology of an aquatic species of cyborg.
Bird Droid - The technology of a race of small, aerial creatures.
Deep Space - The technology of a race of super-massive beings who occupy the void of space.
Flutter Droid - The technology of a race of flightless creatures with insect-like wings.
Glass Hologram - The technology of beings who primarily use glass devices to project holograms.
Prism - The technology of beings whose devices are based around prisms and light refraction.
Rust Bucket - The technology of beings whose ships and devices are rusted from age and lack of polishing.
**These themes are simply a way to help divide the 401 sounds into timbral sub-categories. Let your own imagination run wild when you give them a listen!

Types of Sounds

Alarm Loop
Alert - Positive, Negative, Neutral, Question (Rust Bucket)
Load File, Program
Power Up, Down
System Failure
Control Room Ambience Loops, an alien radar loop, and a “tinnitus”-type ringing loop
Sound Creation

These sounds were all created through experimentation with digital manipulation on a wide variety of ambiences, sound effects, Foley, and random field recordings pulled from David Fienup’s personal sound effects library. While we won’t give details on the process, the software used includes Pro Tools and iZotope Rx. Essentially, this whole collection started from taking “normal” recordings of everyday objects and ambiences, and messing with them until they were unrecognizable, while maintaining their organic randomness and performance.


Metadata was embedded using SoundMiner Plus. Metadata includes: Artwork, Filename, Description, BWDescription, Keywords, Duration, Sample Rate/Bit Depth, Category, SubCategory, CatID, Designer, Library, Location, and Manufacturer.



What's inside?

  • Files: 401
  • Clips: 401
  • Size: ~1.4 GB unzipped
  • Format: WAV
  • Fidelity: 96k/24bit
  • Channels: Stereo
  • Metadata: SoundMiner
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