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Viola Da Gamba

Kontakt Version Required:
5.8.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player) - learn more
Product Version: 2.2

Ben Osterhouse

Creatively Sampled Six-Stringed Baroque Instrument

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Viola Da Gamba
Ben Osterhouse
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Product Overview

The Viola da Gamba is a six-stringed baroque instrument. It's similar in size to the cello, but has slightly different shape, uses frets, and is tuned in 4ths.

It is strung with synthetic gut strings, which to give it a strident, husky sound.
The Gamba's earthy tones can provide a rustic alternative to the classical string sound.

This is one of only a handful of other baroque virtual instruments recorded.
Please note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 is required. Will not work with Kontakt Player.




The Viola da Gamba is split into 2 nki's. 
The first one is a collection of 12 articulations which features a variety of different length strokes, along with pizzicato, trills, ponticello, and tremolo.
All of the different articulations can be easily layered together within a single interface.
The second nki is a collection of small rhythmic figures which have been designed to fit together to create natural sounding ostinato patterns.
Each of the rhythmic figures can be accessed either by using keyswitches, or using unique interface which allows you to visually arrange the figures into a sequence.
Each rhythmic figure is recorded as a 4-bar loop, and musical emphasis is given to down beats and upbeats.
This gives a natural ebb and flow to any ostinato pattern created with the Gamba.
It's a three octave range from C36 (2 octaves below middle C) up to C72 (an octave above middle C) 
Please watch the overview video for full features and details.


Viola Da Gamba V1.4
  • Improved performance
Viola Da Gamba V1.5
  • New nkis for different timestretching modes (improved performance)
Viola Da Gamba V1.6
  • New ability to keyswitch using midi CCs (right click to assign CCs)
  • New ability to play multiple rhythms at once using multiple keyswitches (Press and hold several keyswitches at the same time) - See video example:

Viola Da Gamba V1.7

Rhythms nki:

  • When saving and closing, sequences created in Pattern Mode will be saved. This way when re-opening the nki, the current sequence will be remembered
  • On Kontakt's keyboard, key-press states of keyswitches are also recalled when re-opening
  • In legato mode, new notes are given fades to make their entrances more natural
  • A small amount of velocity sensitivity added.
  • Volume on eighth note rhythms is brought up so they match the other rhythms better
  • Minor pitch issues fixed
  • gentle eq-ing and volume adjustments to even out the tone between some samples
  • In any mode, if keyswitches are changed while holding a note down, the held note's rhythms will now change
  • Animations removed (it was fun to have rhythm tiles fly around the interface, but definitely not necessary)
  • Sustain pedal now works
  • In legato mode, if the sustain pedal is down and repeated notes are played, the repeated notes' velocity will affect the volume

Viola Da Gamba V1.8

Articulations nki:

  • Controls added in the Articulations nki, so that when layering articulations together, their volumes can be controlled individually.
  • Longer release times on some articulations

Viola Da Gamba V1.9

Articulations nki:

  • Fixed Richochet, Pizzicato, and Rough keyswitches which didn't work before.

Viola Da Gamba V2

Rhythms nki:

  • Add, remove, and rearrange rhythms by dragging and dropping within the interface. This way if you want to change something, you don't have to hit clear and start over.
  • Added HQ button, and removed separate HQ nki. This way you can change modes easily without having to swap out nki's.
  • Added Stereo width slider underneath the stereo button.
  • TMpro voice limit is set to 25 if stereo button is off, and set to 50 if stereo button is on.
  • Please note - This new version requires Kontakt (FULL) 6.4.2. The Kontakt 5.8.1 version is coming soon.
Viola Da Gamba V2.1
Articulations nki:
  • Now works with K5.8.1 and above
  • "short" and "swell" articulations no longer tempo sync
  • pitchbend enabled

Rhythms nki:

  • Now works with K5.8.1 and above (drag and drop works for K6 only)
  • fixed legato (it would stop working after a few measures)
  • piano keyboard in Kontakt now correctly shows which articulations are turned on

Viola Da Gamba V2.2

Articulations nki:
  • first column of sustained articulations can be doubled and stereo widened to thicken the sound.
  • second column of ornamental articulations can be time stretched, which makes it easier to fit into different tempos and musical contexts. They can be stretched anywhere between half speed to double speed.
  • third column of short, percussive articulations can be root-key-shifted, changing their formant.
  • volume sliders are now bipolar, more accurately representing their purpose: to just trim volume a little bit.
  • the volume sliders were broken by the previous update. Fixed now.
  • the previous version messed up the trills and turns, so they were off by a step. Fixed now.
  • automation ids added
  • dynamic layers crossfade made more obvious
  • unmapped keys made black.

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