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White Bell

Kontakt Version Required:
5.4.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player) - learn more
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Hybrid made instrument for Kontakt

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White Bell
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Product Overview

The White Bell library/instrument for Kontakt is no ordinary sampled bell. In its form it doesn't exists in "nature". Its not pure synthesis either. Its hybrid made by using various types of synthesis and real bell samples, then layered to form new hybrid instrument or split into pieces so attack comes from one type (sampled or synthesized) of bell (or pluck sound and similar), short ring from other type and some have feedback-like-tone after first 2 parts.

Also most of the patches have loop points in samples so it will hold sound until the note is released which can be useful for controlling how long will ring-out last or on some patches (5,8) sounds like feedback (check demo video for better explanation/demonstration).

There are some bonus patches, made with knobs on GUI only (same samples).

Technical stuff: Easy to use interface with everything on front, 3 Round Robins, dynamic instrument (responds well to velocity although technically its 1 velocity layer), 489 ncw compressed samples to save space (if you want wav just resave instrument without option to compress samples, note names and rr numbers are in the name), occupies only 350 Mb on HDD (if uncompressed: 528 Mb in size, wav 24 bit 44,1 KHz), 8 main patches + 11 bonus ones

Note: The White Bell will only work in the full version of Kontakt 5.4.1+. It will only work in demo mode with the free Kontakt Player. Free demo is available (1 main bell patch, very reduced number of samples (2 octaves only) and no round robin)


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