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Imagik Sound

Experimental Sine-wave machine

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Imagik Sound
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Product Overview

Cyanure is the first product of a new line. It’s a three independent Sine waves generated with Reaktor ® by Native Instruments, just all stereo pan set and the center Sine wave is augmented by an environmental sample.

The three orbital controls handle Ladder LP4 Filter, Flair, Flanger and Tune. There are three volume knobs for every sine wave and the global ADSR Envelope knobs. The button “Random configurations” generates ever different combinations for the three Sine sources and the Brute source while the “Alpha button” initializes the randomized parameters.

You can save and load the configuration presets. The “Save button” can store the three orbital configurations, their volumes, the global envelope, the Brute factor, the Delay and Reverb parameters into the Data subfolder, where you can find the Init.nka preset and just some further example presets.



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