Kaluri Women's Vocal Ensemble

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6.4.2 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player) - learn more
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Kaizen Audio

Stunning Women's Voices

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Kaluri Women's Vocal Ensemble
Kaizen Audio
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Product Overview

Kaluri was designed to bring a powerful women's vocal ensemble to your fingertips.

Kaluri Women’s Vocal Ensemble, is a one of a kind virtual choir instrument for Kontakt featuring vocal performances by an octet of stunning female vocalists. The collection is inspired by traditional and modern choral singing from the South Caucasus country of Georgia, which is world renowned for its stunning, ethereal choirs and its rich tradition of polyphonic singing.


Technical Specifications

  • Available Output Digital Download
  • Size 4.97 GB
    • Full Kontakt 6.4.2+ Required. Not for Kontakt Player
    • 54 Articulations
    • 6 Microphone Positions
    • 20,000+ Samples


Recording, Mics & Gear

Kaluri was recorded in a state of the art recording studio through a collection of high end analog gear. We used Neumman, AKG and Royer microphones through Neve and API preamplifiers to capture our musicians in stunning detail.


The content selection of Kaluri is truly stunning, featuring 6 long syllables, 5 multi vowel phrases, over 18 short syllables, 7 percussive aspirated sounds, bends and glissandi. We specifically chose syllables that would give composers the ability to authentically add the sound of the Caucasus to their tracks with minimal knowledge.


  • mmm
  • aah
  • iii
  • oo
  • uu
  • ee

Multi Syllables

  • ta-ka-ta-ka-ta
  • hi-ri-a-o
  • a-di-lo
  • i-e-au-au
  • i-le-ba


  • Ye, a
  • ma, ka
  • na, ya
  • hu, ni
  • mi, xe
  • da, di
  • na, ni
  • yo, ra
  • che, nu


  • ch
  • ts
  • t
  • p
  • k
  • ch k
  • t k

Bends and Glisses

  • WT Bends Fast
  • WT Bends Slow
  • Gliss Long
  • Gliss Mid
  • Gliss Fast
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Instrument Concept and Design

Kaluri is designed to maximize usability and flexibility of the recorded samples performance. Kaizen transforms trivial controls such as sound envelope (attack, decay, sustain, release) into powerful tools when presented independently per articulation section. The instrument has a feature to randomize the sub articulations from each section, making it easier to create performance variations. The user can easily control dynamics of the sustained patches with the midi CC 01 (mod wheel). Almost all controls of the interface are enabled to be automated making it easier to map Kaluri into the user’s favorite controller and make navigation flow smoothly.

Supporting image for Kaluri Women's Vocal Ensemble

Microphones & Mixes

For ultimate flexibility across the range of sonic possibilities, Kaluri features six mics positions. The range of options opens up the possibility for everything from big and wide, larger than life productions to quiet and intimate styles and everything in between. With Kaluri there are no limitations to the sonic possibilities!


Kaluri is perfect for those seeking to incorporate an unique sound of women’s voices embedded with the region’s traditions yet with a contemporary approach to vocal techniques. The instrument combines raw inspiration paired with unbeatable versatility for composers and producers in film, television, games or pop/edm.

Kaluri gives composers the ability to create awe inspiring compositions by performing dozens of deeply sampled syllables and aspirated vocalizations and effects. The choir consists of 8 female vocalists which were recorded as a group in a medium sized recording studio.

Kaluri contains 6 microphone positions and over 20,000 samples. The library features a modern design in a single user interface with performances organized by category, allowing the user to quickly and easily build their own custom phrases. The result is truly inspiring vocal performances that will impart your productions with raw human emotion.

User Interface

The main interface allows the user to play through the various syllables of the library in real time via key switches or via the sequencer. Our rhythmic engine allows for the easy creation of complex rhythmic grooves that sync to the tempo of your DAW by choosing beat subdivisions like quarter note, eighth note, or eighth note triplet.

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