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Pad Station 2

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Rigid Audio

400 Dual Layer Pads and Textures

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Pad Station 2
Rigid Audio
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Product Overview

Pad Station Vol 2 is a dual layer ROMpler with 2 x 400 outstanding and perfectly looped cinematic pad sounds. It features 400 hybrid synthesizer pads like strings, choirs, textures and sweeps. You can blend two different pad presets seamlessly from within one NKI instrument. (All WAV files are stored in a single KONTAKT instrument). Each part features a convolution reverb with 60 impressive and nothing but "spacey" impulse responses, taken from Rigid Audio´s "AMBILOOP". To further shape the huge preset library, a centered variation knob can dial in 25 variations (presets) that alter the filter, the envelopes, LFO´s and effects of each part´s preset as well some hidden effects (Rotator, Lofi, Trancegate etc.).




  • 5 GB Library with 400 multisampled pad sounds.
  • Includes all Padstation 1 sounds (16 Bit/44 KHZ).
  • 3 GB brand new sounds 24 Bit/44 KHZ.
  • NEW: Randomization button for random sound generation.
  • Variation knob for instant part variations.
  • Volume, Pan, Autopan and Semi tuning per part.
  • Lowpass filter with filter envelope per part.
  • Modwheel targets per part: Lowpass Filter, Highpass Filter and Vibrato.
  • Stepfilter, Distortion, Phaser, Flanger and Convolution Reverb (60 IR´s).
  • 100% royalty free.
  • Mix and match presets for almost endless combinations.
  • PADSTATION 2 is fully MIDI controllable and mappable.

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