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Deep Drum Plugin

Cycles and Spots

Cycles & Spots drop their first VST3 plugin with DeepDrum including 400 one-shot samples.

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Deep Drum Plugin
Cycles and Spots
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Product Overview

Cycles & Spots drop their first VST3 plugin with DeepDrum which is a sample player groovebox (or drum machine solely) including 400 one-shot samples for Deep House / Deep Tech and such featuring kick, clap, snare, hihat close, hihat open, bass and chord sounds.

It comes with 50 banks / presets (you can create your own ones easily and quickly) and 25 bonus MIDI files. The latter form royalty free track starter structures which you can use right away or alter further (try using other presets). 8 sample slots can be used in a preset at a time.

Each slot consists of 2 samples though which means you can form even new sounds by mixing samples (sound design). For sound manipulation you will get control of volume, panning, pitch, adsr, frequency shifter, 3 filters, 1 band equalizer, reverb, delay, 4 lfos and a modulation matrix. The latter let's you put any lfo on any parameter for extra movement.


Technical Specifications

  • Available Output Digital Download
  • Size 0.18 GB
  • Win 64 / VST3 (Needs a host/DAW to load)


What's inside?

  • 400 Samples Implemented:
  • 50 Kick
  • 50 Clap
  • 50 Snare
  • 50 Hihat Close
  • 50 Hihat Open
  • 50 Perc
  • 50 Bass
  • 50 Chord
  • 50 Presets
  • 3 Filters
  • Reverb
  • 1 Band EQ
  • Diffuse Delay
  • Frequency Shifter
  • Modulation Matrix with 4 LFOs
  • 25 Bonus MIDI Files (Track Sketches)


Deep Drum gui

The instrument includes an option to change it's appearance to a dark and a light skin. The 8 slots can be routed to single mono outputs.

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