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A modern take on a vintage classic

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Talkback Limiter
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Product Overview

A modern take on a vintage classic, our Talkback Limiter has all the punch and color of the original. It does wonders to drums - think HUGE and THICK. This is the sound of the 80’s.

But we’ve taken it into the future, by added additional controls to make our Talkback Limiter more versatile than the original. Use it all over your tracks. Bass? Drums? Synths? Vocals? It’s killer wherever you put it.


Technical Specifications

  • Available Output Digital Download
  • Size 0.28 GB


100:1 ratio - talk about a brick wall

Turn LISTEN 1 to lower the threshold and kick in an FET style compression circuit at a 100:1 ratio. Attack is very fast, but just slow enough to make this the punchiest compressor you’ll ever use. It adds bite to ANYTHING. Makes grandma's church choir sound like a Vinnie Paul drum solo.

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30dB of gain! Yikes!

Switch the input level from LINE to MIC to add 30dB of gain, and loads of harmonically rich saturation and distortion to even the quietest signal. Seriously, this thing will make the sneeze of a bug sound like the scream of a metal core singer. Click on ANALOG to accentuate the non-linearities in the frequency response of the analog unit we modeled for the plugin.

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Control the Mayhem

Our Talkback Limiter can be used for more than just drums. The WET/DRY control lets you back the compressed signal way down, so you can precisely adjust how much punch and character you hear in the final mix. You’ll end up using the Talkback Limiter to to add a subtle punch and presence to all sorts of instruments in many different applications. And, of course, you’ll use it to crush the hell out of things.

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Flexible and Tweakable

Our Talkback Limiter has expanded functionality to make it more versatile than the original, and useful on more than just drums. It adds pop and tickle to bass tracks, brings out attack and details on guitars, and adds a gutsy quality to vocal tracks.

The Korneff Audio Talkback Limiter has addition “Other Side” controls to let you further tweak the plugin. The bottom line is you have a lot more control of this plugin than engineers had over the original console based unit.

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Punchy. Loud. Beautifully Destructive. Fun!

The Talkback Limiter is an aggressive, in your face limiter. Carefully modeled from the real thing, our Talkback Limiter has the character and anti-social tendencies that made it so popular for drums. We’ve added additional controls to make it much more versatile.

Secret Weapon of Top Producers

First utilized in a vintage British recording console, the Talkback Limiter was THE sound of drums throughout the 80’s, and is still a major component on records today.

Originally designed to protect control room speakers and personnel from loud noises over the studio communications system, this down and dirty, heavy-handed limiter is perfect for adding huge amounts of punch to any signal with a transient.

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Our Talkback Limiter has addition “Other Side” controls to let you further tweak the distortion characteristics and compression curves. There’s also an adjustable Low Pass filter that can smooth out the top end, or completely mangle it for a low fi effect. And adjustable oversampling lets you manage your CPU usage in a plugin heavy recording/mixing situation.

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