Fire Dubstep

Epic Stock Media

Stocked full of all your favorite production ready Dubstep and EDM loops, samples and one shots.

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Fire Dubstep
Epic Stock Media
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Product Overview

'Fire Dubstep' by Epic Stock Media includes 165 pumping Dubstep synth loops, driving electronic drums, catchy EDM melodies, whomps, bass lines, chord progressions, sub drops, FX, drum shots, and a variety of essential samples for creating modern Dubstep music.

'Fire Dubstep' is a next level cross genre sample pack suitable for a variety of genres such as EDM, Dance, Electro Pop, Dubstep, Techno, Bass House, and Future Pop, as well as other modern electronic oriented genres.

Explore through a rich library stocked full of all your favorite production ready Dubstep and EDM loops, samples and one shots. Easily find the perfect sound from a set of hard hitting bass lines, drum loops, melodies, wobbles, wombs, descending subs, drops, pumping synths, and everything needed to craft outstanding Dubstep tracks.


What's inside?

• 165 Dubstep Loops
• Synth Loops 
• Driving Electronic Drums 
• Catchy EDM Melodies  
• Bass Lines 
• Chord Progressions 
• Sub Drops 
• Fx 
• Drum Shots

Sounds in this pack

All Samples
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Dubstep_Synth_Cool_D_FX_Tone_Melodic_EDM
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Dubstep_Synth_Simple_E_FX_Tone_Melodic_EDM
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Dubstep_Synth_Top_F#_FX_Tone_Melodic_EDM
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Dubstep_Synth_Bassy_F_FX_Tone_Melodic_EDM
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Dubstep_Synth_Almost_Lazer_E_FX_Tone_Melodic_EDM
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Dubstep_Synth_East_F_FX_Tone_Melodic_EDM
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Dubstep_Synth_Short_Wobble_E_FX_Tone_Melodic_EDM
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Dubstep_Synth_Phone_Call_F#_FX_Tone_Melodic_EDM
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Dubstep_Synth_Organic_D_FX_Tone_Melodic_EDM
Product image ESM_One_Shot_Dubstep_Synth_Rage_F_FX_Tone_Melodic_EDM
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