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Neo Dub

Neo Dub

Touch Loops


Inspired by an explorative weekend locked away in the Touch Loops studio, this eclectic collection of organic dub samples, classical moments and tangible textures is just what your digital sounding sessions are crying out for. 

With a nod to the work of Nils Frahm but with a foot firmly in the dub techno world, this genre splitting classic ties together the finest elements of both to create an otherworldly collection of truly inspired samples. 

Tucked inside this beautiful collection you'll find haunting synth arps and leads, drum machine rich beats and percussion lines, tape driven chords and progressions, beautifully mic'd and processed piano phrases, processed violins and so much more. Of course there's lashings of classic dub stabs that utilise our favourite collection of outboard, analogue synths and FX chained dub delays. 

As well as the stunning loops, we've also thrown in 50 chord and FX one shots from our favourite bits of gear - Perfect for throwing into your favourite sampler or layering over your tracks for extra levels of uniqueness. 

So, if you're in the market for some incredibly textured, rich and saturated tape loops then this ones for you.  Packed with beautiful analogue texture and coloration that you're just going to adore.  Fall in love with sound again inside this stunner of a pack. 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
95_Bbm_SoftPad_TL 95_Bbm_SoftPad_TL B 95
100_Cm_BubblePad_02_TL 100_Cm_BubblePad_02_TL C 100
70_Db_SimpleReminderPad_TL 70_Db_SimpleReminderPad_TL D 70
70_Db_GlistenPad_TL 70_Db_GlistenPad_TL D 70
100_Cm_MournPad_TL 100_Cm_MournPad_TL C 100
100_Cm_LowArpPad_TL 100_Cm_LowArpPad_TL C 100
95_Bbm_WhispPad_TL 95_Bbm_WhispPad_TL B 95
100_Cm_SighingPad_TL 100_Cm_SighingPad_TL C 100
95_Bbm_FilteredVoices_TL 95_Bbm_FilteredVoices_TL B 95
100_Cm_BubblePad_TL 100_Cm_BubblePad_TL C 100
100_Cm_ChurchPad_TL 100_Cm_ChurchPad_TL C 100
100_Cm_BellPad_TL 100_Cm_BellPad_TL C 100
95_Bbm_PulsePad_TL 95_Bbm_PulsePad_TL B 95
100_Cm_KeysLayers_TL 100_Cm_KeysLayers_TL C 100
100_BoomPerc_TL 100_BoomPerc_TL 100
100_PopsPerc_TL 100_PopsPerc_TL 100
90_EchoPercussion_TL 90_EchoPercussion_TL 90
100_ShakeysPerc_TL 100_ShakeysPerc_TL 100
100_LightPerc_TL 100_LightPerc_TL 100
100_ClickyPerc_TL 100_ClickyPerc_TL 100
70_RustlePerc_TL 70_RustlePerc_TL 70
100_FluttersPerc_TL 100_FluttersPerc_TL 100
100_StompPerc_TL 100_StompPerc_TL 100
90_RoomyBeat_TL 90_RoomyBeat_TL 90
100_DustyDrums_TL 100_DustyDrums_TL 100
90_DelayBeat_TL 90_DelayBeat_TL 90
100_ShuffleBeat_TL 100_ShuffleBeat_TL 100
100_FilterBeat_TL 100_FilterBeat_TL 100
100_ChopBeat_01_TL 100_ChopBeat_01_TL 100
100_FireworkBeat_TL 100_FireworkBeat_TL 100
90_4:4Beat_TL 90_4:4Beat_TL 90
70_SteadyDubBeat_TL 70_SteadyDubBeat_TL 70
70_Unsafe909Beat_TL 70_Unsafe909Beat_TL 70
100_BoomKlapBeat_TL 100_BoomKlapBeat_TL 100
100_WhompBeat_TL 100_WhompBeat_TL 100
100_StompBeat_TL 100_StompBeat_TL 100
90_ThickTapeBeat_TL 90_ThickTapeBeat_TL 90
90_RoomyTop_TL 90_RoomyTop_TL 90
100_Abm_WalkoutBass_TL 100_Abm_WalkoutBass_TL A 100
90_Ebm_DubSub_TL 90_Ebm_DubSub_TL E 90
100_Abm_SwarmBass_TL 100_Abm_SwarmBass_TL A 100
90_Ebm_CleanBassDrops_TL 90_Ebm_CleanBassDrops_TL E 90
70_Bbm_BlockBass_TL 70_Bbm_BlockBass_TL B 70
95_Bbm_SubBass_TL 95_Bbm_SubBass_TL B 95
100_Cm_ArpBass_TL 100_Cm_ArpBass_TL C 100
100_Cm_VerbBass_TL 100_Cm_VerbBass_TL C 100
70_Db_DeepSeaBass_TL 70_Db_DeepSeaBass_TL D 70
100_Cm_BendBass_TL 100_Cm_BendBass_TL C 100
100_Cm_BrightBass_TL 100_Cm_BrightBass_TL C 100
100_Cm_PolyStabSynth_TL 100_Cm_PolyStabSynth_TL C 100
90_Ebm_SingleNoteSynth_TL 90_Ebm_SingleNoteSynth_TL E 90
70_Bbm_HarshArp_TL 70_Bbm_HarshArp_TL B 70
70_NoiseArp_TL 70_NoiseArp_TL 70
70_Bbm_AirSynth_TL 70_Bbm_AirSynth_TL B 70
90_G_#_m_SoftSynth_TL 90_G_#_m_SoftSynth_TL G 90
100_Abm_SwarmSynth_02_TL 100_Abm_SwarmSynth_02_TL A 100
70_G_#_m_ArpDelay_02_TL 70_G_#_m_ArpDelay_02_TL G 70
90_Ebm_MinorSynth_01_TL 90_Ebm_MinorSynth_01_TL E 90
70_G_#_m_WobbleKeys_TL 70_G_#_m_WobbleKeys_TL G 70
90_Ebm_MinorSynth_02_TL 90_Ebm_MinorSynth_02_TL E 90
70_G_#_m_ArpDelay_01_TL 70_G_#_m_ArpDelay_01_TL G 70
100_Abm_SwarmSynth_01_TL 100_Abm_SwarmSynth_01_TL A 100
95_Bbm_TapeBells_04_TL 95_Bbm_TapeBells_04_TL B 95
70_Db_PostFluteTape_TL 70_Db_PostFluteTape_TL D 70
100_Abm_StabTape_01_TL 100_Abm_StabTape_01_TL A 100
90_Ebm_TapeKeys_TL 90_Ebm_TapeKeys_TL E 90