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Fire Mellow Lo-fi Hip Hop

Epic Stock Media

A fresh collection of calm and vibe filled loops and one shots.

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Fire Mellow Lo-fi Hip Hop
Epic Stock Media
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Product Overview

'Fire Mellow Lo-fi Hip Hop' by Epic Stock Media is a fresh collection of calm and vibe filled loops and one shots, worthy of your next chill session.

'Fire Mellow Lo-fi Hip Hop' includes 150 of the best Ambient Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples, and provides you with outstanding production ready and quality assets. Once you're in, you're instantly greeted with a intoxicating selection of nostalgic rhythms, warm melodies, soulful bass lines, flavorful FX, saturated percussion loops, vocal stabs and much more.

'Fire Mellow Lo-fi Hip Hop' is a designer power sample pack and is perfect for creating professional music styles like Chill-wave, Surf, Mellow, Ambient, Hip Hop, Urban, Retro, Modern, and Chill Trap, as well as other modern and trending genres.

Inside you'll find passionately hand crafted nostalgic and dusty samples laced with sunny vibes, late night moods and that warming authentic home grown Hip Hop feel. Explore a variety of inspiring melodies, useful drum loops, and one shots and have everything needed to craft a super chill Hip Hop inspired track.


What's inside?

• 81 One Shots
• 8 Bass Loops
• 15 Drum Loops
• 17 FX Loops
• 29 Melodic Loops
• 12 Bass One Shots
• 48 Drum Shots 
• 11 Melodic One Shots
• 10 Vocal One Shots
• 100% Royalty Free

Sounds in this pack

All Samples Name Key BPM
LoFi_Chord_Soft_Am_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic LoFi_Chord_Soft_Am_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic Am
LoFi_Synth_Soft_Touch_F#_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic LoFi_Synth_Soft_Touch_F#_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic F#
LoFi_Synth_O_Clock_G_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic LoFi_Synth_O_Clock_G_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic G
LoFi_Synth_Strange_C_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic LoFi_Synth_Strange_C_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic C
LoFi_Pluck_Impulse_E_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic LoFi_Pluck_Impulse_E_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic E
LoFi_Chord_Electric_Piano_Bm_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic LoFi_Chord_Electric_Piano_Bm_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic Bm
LoFi_Synth_Viola_A_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic LoFi_Synth_Viola_A_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic A
LoFi_Pluck_Piano_High_C_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic LoFi_Pluck_Piano_High_C_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic C
LoFi_Synth_Cry_E_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic LoFi_Synth_Cry_E_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic E
LoFi_Pluck_Organic_C_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic LoFi_Pluck_Organic_C_Hip_Hop_Mellow_Sample_Melodic_Tonal_Electronic C
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