Futuristic Tech Drums

Epic Stock Media

59 of the best Dance and Tech drum kicks, crispy snares, and hi-hat shots.

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Futuristic Tech Drums
Epic Stock Media
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Product Overview

'Futuristic Tech Drums' by Epic Stock Media includes 59 of the best Dance and Tech drum kicks, crispy snares, and hi-hat shots, to help you create modern sounding Electronic drum beats and tracks.

'Futuristic Tech Drums' features heavily designed electronic drum one shot samples and helps you bring a fresh batch of sounds useful across a variety of styles such as Dance, Trance, Electro, Future Bass, EDM, Club, Pop, and Progressive, as well as other popular music genres.

The sound palette of 'Futuristic Tech Drums' is crispy, modern, and versatile. The samples are covered in clarity, clean texture and gives your music the drums needed to punch through your mixes. Inside you get to explore through a small but stout curated library of choice electronic styled drum one shots, snares, and hi hats.


What's inside?

• 18 Dance Hit-Hat One Shots
• 22 Tech Drum Kick One Shots
• 19 Crispy Snare On Shots
• 100% Royalty Free

Sounds in this pack

All Samples
Product image Snare_Tech_Futuristic_Techno_Club_Trance_Dance_1
Product image Snare_Tech_Futuristic_Techno_Club_Trance_Dance_2
Product image Snare_Tech_Futuristic_Techno_Club_Trance_Dance_3
Product image Snare_Tech_Futuristic_Techno_Club_Trance_Dance_7
Product image Snare_Tech_Futuristic_Techno_Club_Trance_Dance_6
Product image Snare_Tech_Futuristic_Techno_Club_Trance_Dance_4
Product image Snare_Tech_Futuristic_Techno_Club_Trance_Dance_5
Product image Snare_Tech_Futuristic_Techno_Club_Trance_Dance_16
Product image Snare_Tech_Futuristic_Techno_Club_Trance_Dance_17
Product image Snare_Tech_Futuristic_Techno_Club_Trance_Dance_15
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