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Trap Drums: Prestige Vol. 1

Epic Stock Media

All the essentials to produce outstanding Trap and Hip Hop.

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Trap Drums: Prestige Vol. 1
Epic Stock Media
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Product Overview

'Trap Drums: Prestige Vol 1' by Epic Stock Media presents a pack that includes 74 hypnotic Kick One-Shots, crispy Hats, punchy Snares, street Vibes and all the essentials to produce outstanding Trap and Hip Hop.

This product is a professionally handcrafted sample pack, featuring clutch Drum One-Shots and includes a cross-genre palette of samples in the following styles, Trap, Hip Hop, Underground, Modern, Urban, Dirty South and other beat-driven genres.

All samples are organized into understandable folders and filenames and are meticulously Key Labelled.

All files are Royalty-Free and supplied to you in high quality 24-Bit WAV format that can be used in the most popular samplers, DAWs, and plugins with Drag and Drop plugin features.



What's inside?

• 74 Files
• 4 Trap Files
• 6 Cymbal One-Shots
• 20 Hi-Hat One-Shots
• 20 Trap Kick One-Shots
• 24 Trap Snare One-Shots
• Soundminer Metadata
• Key & Tempo Labelled
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit
• 100% Royalty Free

Sounds in this pack

All Samples Name Key BPM
ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_3 ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_3
ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_2 ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_2
ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_1 ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_1
ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_5 ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_5
ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_4 ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_4
ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_6 ESM_One_Shot_Cymbal_Prestige_Trap_Classic_Percussion_Clean_6
ESM_One_Shot_Hi_Hat_Prestige_Trap_Hip_Hop_Crispy_Hard_Clean_Smooth_Type_10 ESM_One_Shot_Hi_Hat_Prestige_Trap_Hip_Hop_Crispy_Hard_Clean_Smooth_Type_10
ESM_One_Shot_Hi_Hat_Prestige_Trap_Hip_Hop_Crispy_Hard_Clean_Smooth_Type_11 ESM_One_Shot_Hi_Hat_Prestige_Trap_Hip_Hop_Crispy_Hard_Clean_Smooth_Type_11
ESM_One_Shot_Hi_Hat_Prestige_Trap_Hip_Hop_Crispy_Hard_Clean_Smooth_Type_13 ESM_One_Shot_Hi_Hat_Prestige_Trap_Hip_Hop_Crispy_Hard_Clean_Smooth_Type_13
ESM_One_Shot_Hi_Hat_Prestige_Trap_Hip_Hop_Crispy_Hard_Clean_Smooth_Type_12 ESM_One_Shot_Hi_Hat_Prestige_Trap_Hip_Hop_Crispy_Hard_Clean_Smooth_Type_12
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