Hybrid 808 Trap

Epic Stock Media

A set of heavy-hitting cross-genre samples.

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Hybrid 808 Trap
Epic Stock Media
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Product Overview

'Hybrid 808 Trap' by Epic Stock Media includes 184 dripping wet melodies, hard-hitting bass kicks and subs, hybrid keys, rhythms, patterns, loops, trippy chord progressions, basslines, modern Trap drums, essential one-shots, sound effects and a variety of high performing Pop samples perfect for new-age Trap music.

Hybrid 808 Trap brings a set of heavy-hitting cross-genre samples creating flavorful and professional tracks ranging from styles like Drill, R&B, Urban, Hybrid Trap, Chill Trap, Modern Hip Hop, LoFi, Electro Pop, Progressive as well as other Trap genres.

Everything is organized into understandable folders and meticulously Key Labelled. We've added in Soundminer metadata into the samples to help you find the find right sound at the right time.

All files are Royalty-Free and supplied to you in high quality 24-Bit WAV format that can be used in the most popular samplers, DAWs, and plugins with Drag and Drop plugin features.


What's inside?

• 184 Loops & One-Shots
• 110 Loops
• 74 One-Shots
• 48kHz/24-Bit
• 19 Bass & Sub Loops
• 16 Drum Loops
• 30 Percussion loops
• 45 Melodic loops
• 24 Sub, Bass & Kick One-Shots
• 17 Percussion One-Shots
• 19 Melodic One-Shots
• 14 Sound Effects & Foley
• Includes Soundminer Metadata
• Key & Tempo Labelled
• 100% Royalty-Free

Sounds in this pack

All Samples Name Key BPM
ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit
ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_4_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_4_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit
ESM_Drum_Prec_One_Shot_Snare_Slap_Sharp_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit ESM_Drum_Prec_One_Shot_Snare_Slap_Sharp_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit
ESM_Drum_Prec_One_Shot_Snare_Snap_2_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit ESM_Drum_Prec_One_Shot_Snare_Snap_2_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit
ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_Snare_2_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_Snare_2_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit
ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_1_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_1_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit
ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_Snare_1_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_Snare_1_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit
ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_2_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Snare_Trap_2_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit
ESM_Drum_Prec_One_Shot_Snare_Snap_1_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit ESM_Drum_Prec_One_Shot_Snare_Snap_1_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit
ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Hi_Hat_Trap_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit ESM_Drum_One_Shot_Hi_Hat_Trap_Hip_Hop_Kit_Hit
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