Layered Drums

Layered Drums


180 Kicks, 180 Snares, 100 Claps and 100 Hi Hats, all layered to perfection and ready to be abused. From sub layered kick samples to acoustic hitters. Snares come in all varieties with crispy snare samples, flammy snare samples, crunchy and bit crushed snare samples and a whole lot more.

The clap samples range from extremely wet and large to tight and crunchy, from club filler monsters to small snappers. The hi-hat samples are huge in variety from acoustic hi hat samples to shaker types, from fizzing hard hits to soft cabasa textures.

These sounds have undergone serious production and layering, and run through some very high end dynamics to give them the 'oomph' factor. A wide and varied selection of Hip Hop and Dance drum layers ensures that your productions will never run out of different sonic colours and flavours to choose from.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
SN180 SN180
SN179 SN179
SN178 SN178
SN177 SN177
SN176 SN176
SN175 SN175
SN174 SN174
SN173 SN173
SN172 SN172
SN171 SN171
SN170 SN170
SN169 SN169
SN168 SN168
SN167 SN167
SN166 SN166
SN165 SN165
SN164 SN164
SN163 SN163
SN162 SN162
SN161 SN161
SN160 SN160
SN159 SN159
SN158 SN158
SN157 SN157
SN156 SN156
SN155 SN155
SN154 SN154
SN153 SN153
SN152 SN152
SN151 SN151
SN150 SN150
SN149 SN149
SN148 SN148
SN147 SN147
SN146 SN146
SN145 SN145
SN144 SN144
SN143 SN143
SN142 SN142
SN141 SN141
SN140 SN140
SN139 SN139
SN138 SN138
SN137 SN137
SN136 SN136
SN135 SN135
SN134 SN134
SN133 SN133
SN132 SN132
SN131 SN131
SN130 SN130
SN129 SN129
SN128 SN128
SN127 SN127
SN126 SN126
SN125 SN125
SN124 SN124
SN123 SN123
SN122 SN122
SN121 SN121
SN120 SN120
SN119 SN119
SN118 SN118
SN117 SN117
SN116 SN116
SN115 SN115
SN114 SN114
SN113 SN113
SN112 SN112
SN111 SN111
SN110 SN110
SN109 SN109
SN108 SN108
SN107 SN107
SN106 SN106
SN105 SN105
SN104 SN104
SN103 SN103
SN102 SN102
SN101 SN101
SN100 SN100
SN099 SN099
SN098 SN098
SN097 SN097
SN096 SN096
SN095 SN095
SN094 SN094
SN093 SN093
SN092 SN092
SN091 SN091
SN090 SN090
SN089 SN089
SN088 SN088
SN087 SN087