Drum n Bass Astral vol 1

Rafal Kulik

100 high quality studio samples.

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Drum n Bass Astral vol 1
Rafal Kulik
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Product Overview

100 high quality studio samples.

All samples are stacked with inspirational, warm and inventive sequence and arpeggiator sounds.

This collection of sound is good for anyone making Drum 'n' Bass, Liquid, Techstep, Jungle, Oldskool and any other future genre.

100 high quality studio samples. Wav format 24b/44,1kHz - all samples in this pack are recorded from various synthesizers.


Sounds in this pack

All Samples
Product image effect_Cm_165bpm_ambient_jungle_fx_deep_fantasy_emotion_energy_01
Product image effect_Cm_165bpm_ambient_jungle_fx_deep_fantasy_emotion_energy_02
Product image effect_Cm_165bpm_ambient_jungle_fx_deep_fantasy_emotion_energy_03
Product image effect_Cm_165bpm_ambient_jungle_fx_deep_fantasy_emotion_energy_04
Product image effect_Cm_165bpm_ambient_jungle_fx_deep_fantasy_emotion_energy_05
Product image effect_Cm_165bpm_ambient_jungle_fx_deep_fantasy_emotion_energy_06
Product image effect_Cm_165bpm_ambient_jungle_fx_deep_fantasy_emotion_energy_07
Product image effect_Cm_165bpm_ambient_jungle_fx_deep_fantasy_emotion_energy_08
Product image effect_Cm_165bpm_ambient_jungle_fx_deep_fantasy_emotion_energy_09
Product image effect_Cm_165bpm_ambient_jungle_fx_deep_fantasy_emotion_energy_10
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