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Cloth Rip 2


A collection of over 500 ripping, tearing, and shredding sound effects.

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Cloth Rip 2
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Product Overview

Cloth Rip 2: Household is a collection of over 500 ripping, tearing, and shredding sound effects. While the title is “Cloth Rip”, the materials range from common household cloths like curtains and towels to common household sheet-plastic, such as tarp and a heavy duty plastic garment bags used for storing clothes in a closet or attic. The ultimate goal of this library is to give the user an even wider range of material rip sounds beyond just “cloth”. “Well, why include plastic materials in a ‘Cloth Rip’ library”, you might ask? There are a lot of blurred lines between what is considered cloth and plastic. For example, polyester is a plastic fiber that is typically thought of as cloth. So, we decided to just go for it. As we see it, garment bags are used to store cloth, and tarp is a “woven plastic”, much like clothes are made of woven fabrics. Anyway, that’s the story, and we’re sticking to it! But wait! There’s more! In addition to the rip sounds, we have included some plastic movement sounds for both the tarp and garment bag.

As with all Soundopolis SFX libraries, this one is chalk full of variation, including speed, duration, and performance. These sounds were recorded, edited and delivered in the same fashion and with the same precision and care as Cloth Rip 1: Clothing.


Burlap – Acoustic Grade
Curtains – Double Sided, Face: 100% Polyester, Backing: 52/48% Cotton/Rayon
Curtains – Sheer, 100% Polyester
Curtains – Shower, Fabric Unknown
Garment Bag – Transparent Plastic, PEVA, polyethylene vinyl Acetate
Tarp – Blue Woven Plastic, Polyethylene
Towel – 100% Cotton

Fienup used a Schoeps CMC6U/MK4 microphone. He ran it through his Sound Devices 633 to make use of its great preamps and limiters, and then line-level into an AVID HD OMNI for recording in Pro Tools Ultimate. All files were edited in Pro Tools and iZotope Rx. If you’re actually reading this, and interested in recording your own cloth rips, don’t forget to wear a dust mask when tearing up textiles. Boogers with shower curtain fibers in them are pretty nasty… or so I’ve heard… ;)


Metadata was embedded using SoundMiner Plus. Metadata includes: Artwork, Filename, Description, BWDescription, Keywords, Duration, Sample Rate/Bit Depth, Category, SubCategory, CatID, Designer, Library, Location, Manufacturer, and Microphone.




What's inside?

  • Files: 98
  • Clips: 510
  • Size: ~432 MB unzipped
  • Format: WAV
  • Fidelity: 96k/24bit
  • Channels: Mono
  • Metadata: SoundMiner
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