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Stakkas DnB Plates

Stakkas DnB Plates23

Digital Redux

Stakkas DnB Plates was created by the acclaimed Drum & Bass producer and DJ Stakka. Stakka has been a producer for 20 years, starting his career in the early 90's by producing and releasing Hardcore and UK Rave music on white label. Stakka & K.Tee teamed up shortly after the conception of Jungle and Drum & Bass. To date they have recorded on many labels including Ram Records, Liftin Spirits, TOV, Renegade Hardware, Charge, Bingo, and more. In 1997 Stakka & Skynet formed Underfire & Audio Blueprint Recordings. They created their own sound and released many critically acclaimed Neurofunk 12"s albums such as 'Blazin', 'Clockwork', and the deeper album 'Voyager'. This sample pack takes you through some of the samples from his vault alongside a huge amount of fresh material, including 293 new break loops, 150 top end percussion loops, 100 bass samples and 10 slamming construction tracks. Each of the construction tracks are stripped down to a bare bone groove and with every element available for use. This library touches on many styles from within the DnB genre and is an absolute must have for any aspiring Drum & Bass producer. This library could also be a useful tool for producers of many other music styles. Recorded 44.1 kHz // 24 bit. Containing 730+ Audio Samples and 540+ REX2 Loops. This is the ACID WAV and REX version