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 Masters of Trap & Hip Hop

Masters of Trap & Hip Hop

Audio Masters

'Masters Of Trap & Hip Hop' by Audio Masters features a collection of floor-shaking basses, analogue leads and stabs, bells, plucks and more. Developed for producers of Trap & Hip Hop, inside you will find a cutting-edge material for your production library, designed & recorded using the best outboard equipment on the market.

This product contains five extended Construction Kits featuring a huge amount of sounds.
Analogue sound sources have been the primary focus when developing this collection. The sounds were designed and recorded using Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, DSI Prophet 8, Waldorf Pulse 2 and more. Certain sounds were also designed using Access Virus Ti2. Drum sounds were recorded using Elektron Analog Rytm analogue drum machine.
Additionally, most of the audio files were routed through an Apogee Symphony AD/DA and Drawmer 1978 compressor for additional warmth and punch.
Rest assured you will have the highest quality samples available and they will sit tight in your mix.
Dry Construction Kits & Processed/Tail Versions:
Dry versions of the Construction Kits are included, providing the instrumentation without effect processing for flexibility. This feature allows producers to apply their own effect chain. Additionally, processed files are also included for each Kit, for those looking to drag and drop & work with the files straight away.
Synth Loops:
Looped versions of the synths from this collection are included separately to help producers to implement any synth or bass sound into their own tracks by simply dragging and dropping the files into their DAW.
Drum Loops:
This product also comes with five top quality drum kits, all stripped into parts and labelled for ease of use. These Kits were recorded using top analogue drum machines and deliver fat analogue kicks, punchy snares and hats.
One Shots:
Also included are 180 hard-hitting & floor-shaking analogue kicks, recorded using a Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine. These kicks are grouped into folders including short, medium and long. 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Thin Lead AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Thin Lead 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Syren AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Syren 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Strings AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Strings 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Small Stab AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Small Stab 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Small Analog Plucks AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Small Analog Plucks 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Rough Stab_3 AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Rough Stab_3 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Rough Stab AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Rough Stab 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Rough Bass AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Rough Bass 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Psycho Lead AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Psycho Lead 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Plucks AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Plucks 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Mystery Plucks AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Mystery Plucks 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Intro Sub AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Intro Sub 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Intro Pad AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Intro Pad 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_High Bass AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_High Bass 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Frog Synth AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Frog Synth 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Dark Pad AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Dark Pad 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Bells AM_MTHH_Kit_05_Dry_90bpm_Bells 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Vibrato Stab AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Vibrato Stab 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Thin Syren AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Thin Syren 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Thin Lead Up AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Thin Lead Up 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Syren AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Syren 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Rough Stab AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Rough Stab 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Police Beeps AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Police Beeps 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Piano AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Piano 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Pads AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Pads 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Noise AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Noise 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Intro Sub AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Intro Sub 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Intro pad AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Intro pad 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Intro Noise AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Intro Noise 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Intro Dark Stab AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Intro Dark Stab 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Hospital Sound AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Hospital Sound 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Distant Syren Up AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Distant Syren Up 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Blips AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Blips 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Bells AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Bells 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Bell AM_MTHH_Kit_04_Dry_90bpm_Bell 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Womb Tube AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Womb Tube 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Thin Bells AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Thin Bells 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Super Stab AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Super Stab 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Sine Bells AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Sine Bells 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Police Syren Blips 03 AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Police Syren Blips 03 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Police Syren Blips 02 AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Police Syren Blips 02 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Police Syren Blips 01 AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Police Syren Blips 01 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Piano AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Piano 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Pad AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Pad 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Noise AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Noise 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Low Synth AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Low Synth 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Keys AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Keys 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Intro Sub AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Intro Sub 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Intro Pad 02 AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Intro Pad 02 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Intro Pad 01 AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Intro Pad 01 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Glide Synth AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Glide Synth 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Crunchy Lead AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Crunchy Lead 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Bells AM_MTHH_Kit_03_Dry_90bpm_Bells 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Womb Bass AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Womb Bass 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Up And Down Bass AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Up And Down Bass 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Thin Trap Lead AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Thin Trap Lead 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Thin Bells AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Thin Bells 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Syren AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Syren 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Square Down AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Square Down 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Sine Pad AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Sine Pad 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Sine Bells AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Sine Bells 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Rough Bass Stab AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Rough Bass Stab 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Reverse Synth AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Reverse Synth 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Police Syren Blips AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Police Syren Blips 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Noise AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Noise 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Low Bell AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Low Bell 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Intro Sub AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Intro Sub 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_High Bells AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_High Bells 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Fat Evolver AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Fat Evolver 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Dark Synth AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Dark Synth 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Dark Intro Pad AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Dark Intro Pad 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Bells AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Bells 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Bass AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Bass 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Asphault Lead AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Asphault Lead 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Analog Evolving Synth AM_MTHH_Kit_02_Dry_90bpm_Analog Evolving Synth 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_01_Dry_90bpm_Thin Bells AM_MTHH_Kit_01_Dry_90bpm_Thin Bells 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_01_Dry_90bpm_Syren AM_MTHH_Kit_01_Dry_90bpm_Syren 90
AM_MTHH_Kit_01_Dry_90bpm_Sub Lead AM_MTHH_Kit_01_Dry_90bpm_Sub Lead 90