4 A.M. Essential Chillhop

4 A.M. Essential Chillhop

Strategic Audio

Veteran sample label Strategic Audio brings another in a series of chill, soulful hip hop sample packs. 4 A.M. Essential Chillhop is chock full of the laid back, organic, soulful sounds you need for that chill/music to study to vibe.

This is a top quality new loop product featuring 5 chillhop based Hip Hop Construction Kits that feature that dusty, soulful and sometimes dark old school 90s feel. WAV and MIDI loops are available.

The kits here are inspired by artists and producers such as J Cole, L'indecis, 9th Wonder, J Dilla, STLNDRMS and Jinsang! This Hip Hop sound remains very popular among rappers, singers, fans and beatmakers.

With over 350MB of soulful and gritty pianos, strings, brass, guitars, woodwinds and heavy basslines, this kit is a must have for any producer. Use them in your favourite DAW with ease!

All sounds have been processed by the latest top of the line Waves and Focusrite plug-ins for that album and radio-ready sound.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
4EC5_Trombone_98_C#min 4EC5_Trombone_98_C#min C#min 98
4EC5_String Section_98_C#min 4EC5_String Section_98_C#min C#min 98
4EC5_Snare_98 4EC5_Snare_98 98
4EC5_Rhodes_98_C#min 4EC5_Rhodes_98_C#min C#min 98
4EC5_Open Hat_98 4EC5_Open Hat_98 98
4EC5_Old Strings_98_C#min 4EC5_Old Strings_98_C#min C#min 98
4EC5_Kick_98 4EC5_Kick_98 98
4EC5_Closed Hat_98 4EC5_Closed Hat_98 98
4EC5_Bass_98_C#min 4EC5_Bass_98_C#min C#min 98
4EC1_Wurli_87_C#min 4EC1_Wurli_87_C#min C#min 87
4EC1_Vox_87_C#min 4EC1_Vox_87_C#min C#min 87
4EC1_Snare_87 4EC1_Snare_87 87
4EC1_Piano_87_C#min 4EC1_Piano_87_C#min C#min 87
4EC1_Kick_87 4EC1_Kick_87 87
4EC1_Hi Hat_87 4EC1_Hi Hat_87 87
4EC1_Guitar_87_C#min 4EC1_Guitar_87_C#min C#min 87
4EC1_Flute_87_C#min 4EC1_Flute_87_C#min C#min 87
4EC1_Bass_87_C#min 4EC1_Bass_87_C#min C#min 87
4EC5 98 C#min_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass 4EC5 98 C#min_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass C#min 98
4EC4 91 Gmin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass 4EC4 91 Gmin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass Gmin 91
4EC3 85 Emin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass 4EC3 85 Emin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass Emin 85
4EC2 83 Bmin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass 4EC2 83 Bmin_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass Bmin 83
4EC1 87 C#min_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass 4EC1 87 C#min_Full Sample_No Drums_No Bass C#min 87
4EC4_Wurli_91_Gmin 4EC4_Wurli_91_Gmin Gmin 91
4EC4_Synth Bell_91_Gmin 4EC4_Synth Bell_91_Gmin Gmin 91
4EC4_Snare_91 4EC4_Snare_91 91
4EC4_Pluck_91_Gmin 4EC4_Pluck_91_Gmin Gmin 91
4EC4_Piano_91_Gmin 4EC4_Piano_91_Gmin Gmin 91
4EC4_Open Hat_91 4EC4_Open Hat_91 91
4EC4_Kick_91 4EC4_Kick_91 91
4EC4_Guitar_91_Gmin 4EC4_Guitar_91_Gmin Gmin 91
4EC4_Closed Hat_91 4EC4_Closed Hat_91 91
4EC4_Bass_91_Gmin 4EC4_Bass_91_Gmin Gmin 91
4EC3_Snare_85 4EC3_Snare_85 85
4EC3_Sax_85_Emin 4EC3_Sax_85_Emin Emin 85
4EC3_Rhodes_85_Emin 4EC3_Rhodes_85_Emin Emin 85
4EC3_Piano_85_Emin 4EC3_Piano_85_Emin Emin 85
4EC3_Pad_85_Emin 4EC3_Pad_85_Emin Emin 85
4EC3_Kick_85 4EC3_Kick_85 85
4EC3_Closed Hat_85 4EC3_Closed Hat_85 85
4EC3_Bell_85_Emin 4EC3_Bell_85_Emin Emin 85
4EC3_Bass_85_Emin 4EC3_Bass_85_Emin Emin 85
4EC2_Vox_83_Bmin 4EC2_Vox_83_Bmin Bmin 83
4EC2_Shaker_83 4EC2_Shaker_83 83
4EC2_Rimshot_83 4EC2_Rimshot_83 83
4EC2_Kick_83 4EC2_Kick_83 83
4EC2_Guitar_83_Bmin 4EC2_Guitar_83_Bmin Bmin 83
4EC2_Flute_83_Bmin 4EC2_Flute_83_Bmin Bmin 83
4EC2_Epiano_83_Bmin 4EC2_Epiano_83_Bmin Bmin 83
4EC2_Closed Hat_83 4EC2_Closed Hat_83 83
4EC2_Bass_83_Bmin 4EC2_Bass_83_Bmin Bmin 83
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