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Advanced Game Sounds

Advanced Game Sounds

Epic Stock Media

Attention game developers, animators and motion graphics designers, here's a sound library that will pay for itself over and over!

Epic Sounds and FX Advanced Game Sounds is a universe of SFX and an electrifying power pack of more than 3100 compelling source and engineered sounds. With this hand picked collection of proven and unique audio assets you'll be the master of your gaming domain and fully empowered to create audio experiences that inspire epic game play at a whole nuther level.

Now you can have a vast domain of uniquely designed and crafted sound effects at your fingertips _ right next to your mixing board and game controller. As sound designers ourselves, we understand the needs and demanding requirements for making that game sequence sound right. That's why we put the Advanced Game Sounds SFX library together _ to meet the needs of game developers and freelance sound designers at any level and deliver an unbeatable curated assortment and value.

Advanced Game Sounds includes a broad selection including arcade game sounds, real coins, casino game sounds, correct answers, epic positive sounds, gained xp, tokens, game wins, controller and console sounds, indie game sounds, organics, pickups, processed, retro and 8 bit game sounds, synthesized, touches, indicators, interface, victory sounds and many many more.

Quit camping and level up friends, FTW! Add some awesomeness to your next production with Epic Sounds and FX Advanced Game Sounds sound effects library.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Throw_Weapon_7 Throw_Weapon_7
Throw_Weapon_6 Throw_Weapon_6
Throw_Weapon_5 Throw_Weapon_5
Throw_Weapon_4 Throw_Weapon_4
Throw_Weapon_3 Throw_Weapon_3
Throw_Weapon_2 Throw_Weapon_2
Throw_Weapon_1 Throw_Weapon_1
Sword_Swing_Fizz_Impact Sword_Swing_Fizz_Impact
Sword_Shing Sword_Shing
Sword_Impact_Layer_5 Sword_Impact_Layer_5
Sword_Impact_Layer_4 Sword_Impact_Layer_4
Sword_Impact_Layer_3 Sword_Impact_Layer_3
Sword_Impact_Layer_2 Sword_Impact_Layer_2
Sword_Impact_Layer_1 Sword_Impact_Layer_1
Ice_Weapon_Shot_Impact Ice_Weapon_Shot_Impact
Sword_Draw_6 Sword_Draw_6
Sword_Draw_5 Sword_Draw_5
Sword_Draw_4 Sword_Draw_4
Sword_Draw_3 Sword_Draw_3
Sword_Draw_2 Sword_Draw_2
Sword_Draw_1 Sword_Draw_1
Sword_Kill_6 Sword_Kill_6
Sword_Kill_5 Sword_Kill_5
Sword_Kill_4 Sword_Kill_4
Sword_Kill_3 Sword_Kill_3
Sword_Kill_2 Sword_Kill_2
Sword_Kill_1 Sword_Kill_1
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_9 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_9
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_8 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_8
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_7 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_7
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_6 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_6
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_5 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_5
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_4 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_4
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_3 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_3
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_2 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_2
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_14 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_14
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_13 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_13
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_12 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_12
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_11 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_11
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_10 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_10
Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_1 Bloody_Sword_Pull_Out_1
Laser_Gun_Shot_Fast Laser_Gun_Shot_Fast
Laser_Gun_Shot_9 Laser_Gun_Shot_9
Laser_Gun_Shot_8 Laser_Gun_Shot_8
Laser_Gun_Shot_7 Laser_Gun_Shot_7
Laser_Gun_Shot_6 Laser_Gun_Shot_6
Laser_Gun_Shot_5 Laser_Gun_Shot_5
Laser_Gun_Shot_4 Laser_Gun_Shot_4
Laser_Gun_Shot_3 Laser_Gun_Shot_3
Laser_Gun_Shot_24 Laser_Gun_Shot_24
Laser_Gun_Shot_23 Laser_Gun_Shot_23
Laser_Gun_Shot_22 Laser_Gun_Shot_22
Laser_Gun_Shot_21 Laser_Gun_Shot_21
Laser_Gun_Shot_20 Laser_Gun_Shot_20
Laser_Gun_Shot_2 Laser_Gun_Shot_2
Laser_Gun_Shot_19 Laser_Gun_Shot_19
Laser_Gun_Shot_18 Laser_Gun_Shot_18
Laser_Gun_Shot_17 Laser_Gun_Shot_17
Laser_Gun_Shot_16 Laser_Gun_Shot_16
Laser_Gun_Shot_15 Laser_Gun_Shot_15
Laser_Gun_Shot_14 Laser_Gun_Shot_14
Laser_Gun_Shot_13 Laser_Gun_Shot_13
Laser_Gun_Shot_12 Laser_Gun_Shot_12
Laser_Gun_Shot_11 Laser_Gun_Shot_11
Laser_Gun_Shot_10 Laser_Gun_Shot_10
Laser_Gun_Shot_1 Laser_Gun_Shot_1
Laser_Gun_Shot Laser_Gun_Shot
Laser_Arcade_Game_2 Laser_Arcade_Game_2
Laser_Arcade_Game_1 Laser_Arcade_Game_1
Sharpen_Knife_9 Sharpen_Knife_9
Sharpen_Knife_8 Sharpen_Knife_8
Sharpen_Knife_7 Sharpen_Knife_7
Sharpen_Knife_6 Sharpen_Knife_6
Sharpen_Knife_5 Sharpen_Knife_5
Sharpen_Knife_4 Sharpen_Knife_4
Sharpen_Knife_11 Sharpen_Knife_11
Sharpen_Knife_10 Sharpen_Knife_10