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Afro Pop & Rhytms

Afro Pop & Rhytms

Cartel Loops

'Afro Pop & Rhytms' by Cartel Loops delivers 5 modern Afro Pop Construction Kits loaded with nothing but the best of Pop, Afro Trap & Hip Hop sounds in combination with vocal chops they perfectly match-up to the top-hits songs.With the help of this pack, you can create the next universal hit in no time.

MIDI files are included for all instruments and musical phrases, allowing you to tweak each composition to suit your needs, including tempo, root Key and even single notes to fit the melodies perfectly into your arrangement.

All sounds have been processed and edited using professional outboard gear to ensure authentic analogue warmth. Just drag and drop the files into your favourite DAW and you're good to go.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
05__Vox_101BPM_D#min 05__Vox_101BPM_D#min D#min 101
05__Vocals_101BPM_D#min 05__Vocals_101BPM_D#min D#min 101
05__Vocals 2_101BPM_D#min 05__Vocals 2_101BPM_D#min D#min 101
05__Triangle_101BPM_D#min 05__Triangle_101BPM_D#min D#min 101
05__Snare_101BPM 05__Snare_101BPM 101
05__Shaker 1_101BPM 05__Shaker 1_101BPM 101
05__Reversed Cymbal_101BPM 05__Reversed Cymbal_101BPM 101
05__Perc 5_101BPM 05__Perc 5_101BPM 101
05__Perc 4_101BPM 05__Perc 4_101BPM 101
05__Perc 3_101BPM 05__Perc 3_101BPM 101
05__Perc 2_101BPM 05__Perc 2_101BPM 101
05__Pad_101BPM_D#min 05__Pad_101BPM_D#min D#min 101
05__Master_101BPM_D#min 05__Master_101BPM_D#min D#min 101
05__Low Bass_101BPM_D#min 05__Low Bass_101BPM_D#min D#min 101
05__Kick_101BPM 05__Kick_101BPM 101
05__Hat_101BPM 05__Hat_101BPM 101
05__Fx Noise_101BPM 05__Fx Noise_101BPM 101
05__Fx 2_101BPM 05__Fx 2_101BPM 101
05__Fx 1_101BPM 05__Fx 1_101BPM 101
05__Cymbal_101BPM 05__Cymbal_101BPM 101
05__Current_101BPM_D#min 05__Current_101BPM_D#min D#min 101
05__Bells_101BPM_D#min 05__Bells_101BPM_D#min D#min 101
05__808_101BPM_D#min 05__808_101BPM_D#min D#min 101
02__Vox 3_118BPM_D#min 02__Vox 3_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
02__Vox 2_118BPM_D#min 02__Vox 2_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
02__Vox 1_118BPM_D#min 02__Vox 1_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
02__Tom 3_118BPM 02__Tom 3_118BPM 118
02__Tom 2_118BPM 02__Tom 2_118BPM 118
02__Tom 1_118BPM 02__Tom 1_118BPM 118
02__Tamb_118BPM 02__Tamb_118BPM 118
02__Synth_118BPM_D#min 02__Synth_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
02__String Stab_118BPM_D#min 02__String Stab_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
02__Shaker_118BPM 02__Shaker_118BPM 118
02__Perc_118BPM 02__Perc_118BPM 118
02__Perc Snare_118BPM 02__Perc Snare_118BPM 118
02__Open Hat_118BPM 02__Open Hat_118BPM 118
02__Master_118BPM_D#min 02__Master_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
02__Low Bass_118BPM_D#min 02__Low Bass_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
02__Kick_118BPM 02__Kick_118BPM 118
02__Hit_118BPM 02__Hit_118BPM 118
02__Hat 2_118BPM 02__Hat 2_118BPM 118
02__Hat 1_118BPM 02__Hat 1_118BPM 118
02__Fx 4_118BPM 02__Fx 4_118BPM 118
02__Fx 3_118BPM 02__Fx 3_118BPM 118
02__Fx 2_118BPM 02__Fx 2_118BPM 118
02__Fx 1_118BPM 02__Fx 1_118BPM 118
02__Current_118BPM_D#min 02__Current_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
02__Crash_2s_118BPM 02__Crash_2s_118BPM 118
02__Crashs_118BPM 02__Crashs_118BPM 118
02__Claps_118BPM 02__Claps_118BPM 118
02__Bells_118BPM_D#min 02__Bells_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
02__Arp_118BPM_D#min 02__Arp_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
02__808_118BPM_D#min 02__808_118BPM_D#min D#min 118
04__Whistle_115BPM_Emin 04__Whistle_115BPM_Emin 115
04__Vox_115BPM_Emin 04__Vox_115BPM_Emin 115
04__Vox 2_115BPM_Emin 04__Vox 2_115BPM_Emin 115
04__Tom 2_115BPM 04__Tom 2_115BPM 115
04__Tom 1_115BPM 04__Tom 1_115BPM 115
04__Shaker_115BPM 04__Shaker_115BPM 115
04__Shaker 2_115BPM 04__Shaker 2_115BPM 115
04__Plucks_115BPM_Emin 04__Plucks_115BPM_Emin 115
04__Perc 1_115BPM 04__Perc 1_115BPM 115
04__Open Hat_115BPM 04__Open Hat_115BPM 115
04__Master_115BPM_Emin 04__Master_115BPM_Emin 115
04__Low Bass_115BPM_Emin 04__Low Bass_115BPM_Emin 115
04__Kick_115BPM 04__Kick_115BPM 115
04__Hihat 2_115BPM 04__Hihat 2_115BPM 115
04__Guitar_115BPM_Emin 04__Guitar_115BPM_Emin 115
04__Guitar #2_115BPM_Emin 04__Guitar #2_115BPM_Emin 115
04__Fx Impact_115BPM 04__Fx Impact_115BPM 115
04__Fx Impact 2_115BPM 04__Fx Impact 2_115BPM 115
04__Fx 2_115BPM 04__Fx 2_115BPM 115
04__Fx 1_115BPM 04__Fx 1_115BPM 115
04__Cymbal_115BPM 04__Cymbal_115BPM 115
04__Current_115BPM_Emin 04__Current_115BPM_Emin 115
04__Clap_115BPM 04__Clap_115BPM 115
04__Clap & Snap_115BPM 04__Clap & Snap_115BPM 115
03__Vox_103BPM_Fmin 03__Vox_103BPM_Fmin Fmin 103
03__Vox 3_103BPM_Fmin 03__Vox 3_103BPM_Fmin Fmin 103
03__Vox 2_103BPM_Fmin 03__Vox 2_103BPM_Fmin Fmin 103
03__Tom 1_103BPM 03__Tom 1_103BPM 103
03__Snare 2_103BPM 03__Snare 2_103BPM 103
03__Shaker_103BPM 03__Shaker_103BPM 103
03__Reversed Fx_103BPM 03__Reversed Fx_103BPM 103
03__Plucks_103BPM 03__Plucks_103BPM 103
03__Perc 3_103BPM 03__Perc 3_103BPM 103
03__Perc 2_103BPM 03__Perc 2_103BPM 103
03__Perc 1_103BPM 03__Perc 1_103BPM 103
03__Pad Plucks_103BPM_Fmin 03__Pad Plucks_103BPM_Fmin Fmin 103
03__Open Hat_103BPM 03__Open Hat_103BPM 103
03__Open Hat 2_103BPM 03__Open Hat 2_103BPM 103
03__Master_103BPM_Fmin 03__Master_103BPM_Fmin Fmin 103
03__Lead _103BPM_Fmin 03__Lead _103BPM_Fmin Fmin 103
03__Kick_103BPM 03__Kick_103BPM 103
03__Impact_103BPM 03__Impact_103BPM 103
03__Hat 2_103BPM 03__Hat 2_103BPM 103
03__Hat _103BPM 03__Hat _103BPM 103
03__Fx 4_103BPM 03__Fx 4_103BPM 103
03__Fx 3_103BPM 03__Fx 3_103BPM 103
03__Fx 2_103BPM 03__Fx 2_103BPM 103
03__Drum Fill_103BPM 03__Drum Fill_103BPM 103
03__Cymbal_103BPM 03__Cymbal_103BPM 103
03__Current_103BPM_Fmin 03__Current_103BPM_Fmin Fmin 103
03__Clap_103BPM 03__Clap_103BPM 103
03__Bongo_103BPM 03__Bongo_103BPM 103
03__Bass_103BPM_Fmin 03__Bass_103BPM_Fmin Fmin 103
03__808_103BPM_Fmin 03__808_103BPM_Fmin Fmin 103
CL_AR_01__808_105BPM_Emaj CL_AR_01__808_105BPM_Emaj Emaj 105
01__Voxes_105BPM_Emaj 01__Voxes_105BPM_Emaj Emaj 105
01__Voxes Cuts_105BPM_Emaj 01__Voxes Cuts_105BPM_Emaj Emaj 105
01__Voxes Cuts 2_105BPM_Emaj 01__Voxes Cuts 2_105BPM_Emaj Emaj 105
01__Voxes 3_105BPM_Emaj 01__Voxes 3_105BPM_Emaj Emaj 105
01__Voxes 2_105BPM_Emaj 01__Voxes 2_105BPM_Emaj Emaj 105
01__Tom 3_105BPM 01__Tom 3_105BPM 105