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Ambient Droplets

Ambient Droplets

Touch Loops

Ambient Droplets is a sample pack like no other. Through the detailed processing of brass and stringed instrument recordings, new textures and hidden details have been exposed to create the most wonderful and unique collection of organic samples and loops.

From the chopped rhythms to the morphing ambient drones, each pattern promotes rhythm and provides abstract 3-D depth to your mixes and tracks.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
120_Gb_SonicForest_TL 120_Gb_SonicForest_TL Gb 120
120_G_ForwardAndBack_TL 120_G_ForwardAndBack_TL G 120
120_Fm_SimpleShapes_TL 120_Fm_SimpleShapes_TL Fm 120
120_Fm_Pullbackwards_TL 120_Fm_Pullbackwards_TL Fm 120
120_Fm_LongAtmosPadMid_TL 120_Fm_LongAtmosPadMid_TL Fm 120
120_Fm_LongAtmosPadLow_TL 120_Fm_LongAtmosPadLow_TL Fm 120
120_Fm_BufferingTexture_TL 120_Fm_BufferingTexture_TL Fm 120
120_F_OctaveJumper_TL 120_F_OctaveJumper_TL F 120
120_F_LowGritPad_TL 120_F_LowGritPad_TL F 120
120_F_FilteredPad_TL 120_F_FilteredPad_TL F 120
120_D_WarHornPad_TL 120_D_WarHornPad_TL D 120
120_D_Sparklers_TL 120_D_Sparklers_TL D 120
120_D_RichPad_TL 120_D_RichPad_TL D 120
120_D_DrivenPad_TL 120_D_DrivenPad_TL D 120
120_Cm_SuckedIn_TL 120_Cm_SuckedIn_TL Cm 120
120_Cm_FuzzBuilds_TL 120_Cm_FuzzBuilds_TL Cm 120
120_C_StormEngine_TL 120_C_StormEngine_TL C 120
120_C_SlowSwells_TL 120_C_SlowSwells_TL C 120
120_C_#__MutliOctave_TL 120_C_#__MutliOctave_TL C# 120
120_Bbm_Swells_TL 120_Bbm_Swells_TL Bbm 120
120_Bbm_EtherHorn_TL 120_Bbm_EtherHorn_TL Bbm 120
120_Bbm_DetunedScreamer_TL 120_Bbm_DetunedScreamer_TL Bbm 120
120_Bb_WashedHorn_TL 120_Bb_WashedHorn_TL Bb 120
120_Am_DistantJazz_TL 120_Am_DistantJazz_TL Am 120
120_Am_BouncerBrass_TL 120_Am_BouncerBrass_TL Am 120
120_A_ThickPad_TL 120_A_ThickPad_TL A 120
120_Gm_CouldBeSynth_TL 120_Gm_CouldBeSynth_TL Gm 120
120_F_SlapDelay_TL 120_F_SlapDelay_TL F 120
120_Ebm_SnesTime_TL 120_Ebm_SnesTime_TL Ebm 120
120_Ebm_ClosedLoop_TL 120_Ebm_ClosedLoop_TL Ebm 120
120_Eb_PulseSequence_TL 120_Eb_PulseSequence_TL Eb 120
120_Eb_BrokenUpSequence_TL 120_Eb_BrokenUpSequence_TL Eb 120
120_Dm_TrippyArp_TL 120_Dm_TrippyArp_TL Dm 120
120_Dm_LoFiRhythm_02_TL 120_Dm_LoFiRhythm_02_TL Dm 120
120_Dm_LoFiRhythm_01_TL 120_Dm_LoFiRhythm_01_TL Dm 120
120_Cm_OpenUpArp_TL 120_Cm_OpenUpArp_TL Cm 120
120_C_SmallPattern_TL 120_C_SmallPattern_TL C 120
120_C_MiniTechno_TL 120_C_MiniTechno_TL C 120
120_C_DryArp_02_TL 120_C_DryArp_02_TL C 120
120_C_DryArp_01_TL 120_C_DryArp_01_TL C 120
120_C_#__HPPattern_TL 120_C_#__HPPattern_TL C# 120
120_Bbm_BattlesVibes_02_TL 120_Bbm_BattlesVibes_02_TL Bbm 120
120_Bbm_BattlesVibes_01_TL 120_Bbm_BattlesVibes_01_TL Bbm 120
120_Bb_StabbyArp_TL 120_Bb_StabbyArp_TL Bb 120
120_Bb_RevShape_02_TL 120_Bb_RevShape_02_TL Bb 120
120_Bb_RevShape_01_TL 120_Bb_RevShape_01_TL Bb 120
120_Am_VeryChoppy_TL 120_Am_VeryChoppy_TL Am 120
120_Am_UnpleasantFlange_TL 120_Am_UnpleasantFlange_TL Am 120
120_A_Scattered_TL 120_A_Scattered_TL A 120
120_A_BassArp_TL 120_A_BassArp_TL A 120
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