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Ambient Electronica

Ambient Electronica

Touch Loops

Ambient Electronica is a stunning foray into the world of ambience, film music & cinematic electronica. From ethereal live piano loops to delicate found sound beats, rich analogue chord progressions and emotive Rhodes pianos each and every loop has been expertly crafted, mixed and performed to be more beautiful than the last.

Combining a range of live instrument recordings, location and foley soundscapes plus a plethora of stunning outboard, this incredibly delicate ambient sample pack will breath life into your compositions. With references to house, electronica and modern film score, the level of detail and care is clear for all to see.

Through exploration of this beautifully personal sample pack you'll find characterful and fragile live piano recordings, evolving ambient pads and landscapes, detailed and textured organic drums, manipulated orchestral recordings, warm Rhodes piano loops and soaring synth lead lines perfect for lifting your next composition above the noise.

You can also find a beautiful collection of one shots covering organic drums and foley offering maximum flexibility in however you love to use the collection. A truly personal collection that strikes a chord with all the team, we just know you'e going to savour this truly emotive colleciton.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
One Shots/Snare_02_TL One Shots/Snare_02_TL
One Shots/Percs_01_TL One Shots/Percs_01_TL
One Shots/Snare_09_TL One Shots/Snare_09_TL
One Shots/Snare_06_TL One Shots/Snare_06_TL
One Shots/Percs_09_TL One Shots/Percs_09_TL
One Shots/Snare_04_TL One Shots/Snare_04_TL
One Shots/Percs_08_TL One Shots/Percs_08_TL
One Shots/Snare_11_TL One Shots/Snare_11_TL
One Shots/Snare_03_TL One Shots/Snare_03_TL
One Shots/Snare_13_TL One Shots/Snare_13_TL
One Shots/Snare_12_TL One Shots/Snare_12_TL
One Shots/Percs_05_TL One Shots/Percs_05_TL
One Shots/Percs_07_TL One Shots/Percs_07_TL
One Shots/Percs_06_TL One Shots/Percs_06_TL
One Shots/Snare_18_TL One Shots/Snare_18_TL
One Shots/Snare_15_TL One Shots/Snare_15_TL
One Shots/Snare_16_TL One Shots/Snare_16_TL
One Shots/Snare_07_TL One Shots/Snare_07_TL
One Shots/Snare_01_TL One Shots/Snare_01_TL
One Shots/Percs_12_TL One Shots/Percs_12_TL
One Shots/Percs_10_TL One Shots/Percs_10_TL
One Shots/Percs_11_TL One Shots/Percs_11_TL
One Shots/Snare_17_TL One Shots/Snare_17_TL
One Shots/Snare_14_TL One Shots/Snare_14_TL
One Shots/Percs_02_TL One Shots/Percs_02_TL
One Shots/Snare_08_TL One Shots/Snare_08_TL
One Shots/Percs_04_TL One Shots/Percs_04_TL
One Shots/Percs_03_TL One Shots/Percs_03_TL
One Shots/Snare_05_TL One Shots/Snare_05_TL
One Shots/Snare_10_TL One Shots/Snare_10_TL
One Shots/Hats_02_TL One Shots/Hats_02_TL
One Shots/Hats_03_TL One Shots/Hats_03_TL
One Shots/Hats_17_TL One Shots/Hats_17_TL
One Shots/Hats_19_TL One Shots/Hats_19_TL
One Shots/Hats_06_TL One Shots/Hats_06_TL
One Shots/Hats_10_TL One Shots/Hats_10_TL
One Shots/Hats_01_TL One Shots/Hats_01_TL
One Shots/Hats_23_TL One Shots/Hats_23_TL
One Shots/Hats_20_TL One Shots/Hats_20_TL
One Shots/Hats_05_TL One Shots/Hats_05_TL
One Shots/Hats_18_TL One Shots/Hats_18_TL
One Shots/Hats_08_TL One Shots/Hats_08_TL
One Shots/Hats_15_TL One Shots/Hats_15_TL
One Shots/Hats_25_TL One Shots/Hats_25_TL
One Shots/Hats_22_TL One Shots/Hats_22_TL
One Shots/Hats_11_TL One Shots/Hats_11_TL
One Shots/Hats_16_TL One Shots/Hats_16_TL
One Shots/Hats_24_TL One Shots/Hats_24_TL
One Shots/Hats_04_TL One Shots/Hats_04_TL
One Shots/Hats_14_TL One Shots/Hats_14_TL
One Shots/Hats_21_TL One Shots/Hats_21_TL
One Shots/Hats_07_TL One Shots/Hats_07_TL
One Shots/Hats_13_TL One Shots/Hats_13_TL
One Shots/Hats_09_TL One Shots/Hats_09_TL
One Shots/Hats_12_TL One Shots/Hats_12_TL
One Shots/Kick_02_TL One Shots/Kick_02_TL
One Shots/Kick_01_TL One Shots/Kick_01_TL
One Shots/Kick_12_TL One Shots/Kick_12_TL
One Shots/Kick_33_TL One Shots/Kick_33_TL
One Shots/Kick_04_TL One Shots/Kick_04_TL
One Shots/Kick_20_TL One Shots/Kick_20_TL
One Shots/Kick_14_TL One Shots/Kick_14_TL
One Shots/Kick_29_TL One Shots/Kick_29_TL
One Shots/Kick_22_TL One Shots/Kick_22_TL
One Shots/Kick_15_TL One Shots/Kick_15_TL
One Shots/Kick_16_TL One Shots/Kick_16_TL
One Shots/Kick_06_TL One Shots/Kick_06_TL
One Shots/Kick_26_TL One Shots/Kick_26_TL
One Shots/Kick_32_TL One Shots/Kick_32_TL
One Shots/Kick_18_TL One Shots/Kick_18_TL
One Shots/Kick_25_TL One Shots/Kick_25_TL
One Shots/Kick_19_TL One Shots/Kick_19_TL
One Shots/Kick_05_TL One Shots/Kick_05_TL
One Shots/Kick_09_TL One Shots/Kick_09_TL
One Shots/Kick_31_TL One Shots/Kick_31_TL
One Shots/Kick_11_TL One Shots/Kick_11_TL
One Shots/Kick_30_TL One Shots/Kick_30_TL
One Shots/Kick_13_TL One Shots/Kick_13_TL
One Shots/Kick_10_TL One Shots/Kick_10_TL
One Shots/Kick_07_TL One Shots/Kick_07_TL
One Shots/Kick_28_TL One Shots/Kick_28_TL
One Shots/Kick_34_TL One Shots/Kick_34_TL
One Shots/Kick_03_TL One Shots/Kick_03_TL