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Ambient Japan

Ambient Japan

Touch Loops

Ambient, ethereal, immersive and truly beautiful.  Ambient Japan explores the tones, sounds and expansive worlds of Japanese soundtrack music & electronica.

From thumping Taiko inspired war drums to distorted analogue chord movements,  rich sweeping leads to otherworldly soundscapes this incredibly unique and inspired collection offers something completely different within the world of sample collections and production.

Just one spin through the demo will transport you to an epic location indescribable through anything other than music.  Dancing arpeggios twist and turn with dust and distortion, sub bass loops rattle and support the true essence of the pack, those incredible rhythmic war drums whilst the 80's influenced lead lines sit perfectly against a bed of driven analogue keys and ambience.  The emotion held within each loops is truly palpable you can't help but be absorbed.

We've also included a colleciton of stunning location setting vocals, over 160 MIDI files and all the drum & percussion one shots you could need to embellish your next composition.  

So if you produce electronica, soundtrack or ambience, this outrageously evocative collection will set you aside from the rest, showcasing the incredibly diverse world of Japanese music.  An absolute Touch Loops favourite that inspires, time and time again.

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Kicks_22 Kicks_22
Kicks_10 Kicks_10
Kicks_19 Kicks_19
Kicks_14 Kicks_14
Kicks_01 Kicks_01
Kicks_24 Kicks_24
Kicks_06 Kicks_06
Kicks_08 Kicks_08
Kicks_15 Kicks_15
Kicks_07 Kicks_07
Kicks_13 Kicks_13
Kicks_09 Kicks_09
Kicks_04 Kicks_04
Kicks_12 Kicks_12
Kicks_11 Kicks_11
Kicks_21 Kicks_21
Kicks_26 Kicks_26
Kicks_02 Kicks_02
Kicks_23 Kicks_23
Kicks_18 Kicks_18
Kicks_05 Kicks_05
Kicks_17 Kicks_17
Kicks_25 Kicks_25
Kicks_20 Kicks_20
Kicks_16 Kicks_16
Kicks_03 Kicks_03
Percs_32 Percs_32
Percs_28 Percs_28
Percs_05 Percs_05
Percs_013 Percs_013
Percs_29 Percs_29
Percs_30 Percs_30
Percs_36 Percs_36
Percs_09 Percs_09
Percs_21 Percs_21
Percs_23 Percs_23
Percs_24 Percs_24
Percs_018 Percs_018
Percs_02 Percs_02
Percs_22 Percs_22
Percs_017 Percs_017
Percs_31 Percs_31
Percs_011 Percs_011
Percs_26 Percs_26
Percs_10 Percs_10
Percs_40 Percs_40
Percs_35 Percs_35
Percs_03 Percs_03
Percs_39 Percs_39
Percs_019 Percs_019
Percs_33 Percs_33
Percs_015 Percs_015
Percs_20 Percs_20
Percs_07 Percs_07
Percs_06 Percs_06
Percs_01 Percs_01
Percs_014 Percs_014
Percs_08 Percs_08
Percs_25 Percs_25
Percs_37 Percs_37
Percs_04 Percs_04
Percs_38 Percs_38
Percs_012 Percs_012
Percs_016 Percs_016
Percs_27 Percs_27
Percs_34 Percs_34
Snares_07 Snares_07
Snares_02 Snares_02
Snares_08 Snares_08
Snares_06 Snares_06
Snares_01 Snares_01
Snares_05 Snares_05
Snares_03 Snares_03
Snares_04 Snares_04
Snares_011 Snares_011
Crash_01 Crash_01
95_C5_JapanPads_1_TL 95_C5_JapanPads_1_TL C5 95
95_F#:Ebm_JapanPads_1_TL 95_F#:Ebm_JapanPads_1_TL F#:Ebm 95
95_Fm_JapanPads_1_TL 95_Fm_JapanPads_1_TL Fm 95
95_C:Cm_JapanPads_2_TL 95_C:Cm_JapanPads_2_TL C:Cm 95