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Analogue Drum One Shots

Analogue Drum One Shots

Touch Loops

This beautifully crafted collection of analogue drum one shot samples is everything you could possibly need to create incredible sounding beats. From twisted FX hits to tape driven kicks, crisp snares and claps to beautiful hi-hats we've covered so much ground to ensure everything one could need is right here.

Inside you'll find kick samples ranging from the organic to processed 808's, snares and claps from both live drum kits, mangled vintage drum machines and live recordings, a collection of beautifully varied hi-hats, driven sub hits, twisted foley recordings, broken cymbals and some outstanding otherworldly FX that will compliment all genres and tastes.

This extensive batch of drum one shots comes in two separate flavours:

1. Original - As the producer created, rich, crisp and beautifully detailed.
2. Tape Driven - Pushed through our in house tape machine, you just know they've been kissed with that analogue flavour adding a little low end bump and some lovely tape saturation / compression.

To compliment these beautifully hits we've also thrown in 30 MIDI loops covering all different styles, genres and elements from hi-hat patterns to kick grooves, full beats and percussion ideas giving you that nudge of inspiration your tracks have been crying out for. You’ll also find 30 drum loops in there for extra inspiration.

So, if you're looking to add some unique hits to your drum collection that offer vibe and flexibility then this ones for you. From organic house to Neuro DnB, twisted IDM to classic Hip-Hop, Grime & more, it's all housed within one useful collection that you're just going to love. Happy beat-making!


  • Size: 224MB
  • One Shots: 538
  • MIDI: 30
  • Loops: 30
  • Styles: Original & Tape Driven

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All Samples Name Key BPM
AnalogueFX_29_TL AnalogueFX_29_TL
AnalogueFX_20_TL AnalogueFX_20_TL
AnalogueFX_27_TL AnalogueFX_27_TL
AnalogueFX_24_TL AnalogueFX_24_TL
AnalogueFX_35_TL AnalogueFX_35_TL
AnalogueFX_25_TL AnalogueFX_25_TL
AnalogueFX_30_TL AnalogueFX_30_TL
AnalogueFX_23_TL AnalogueFX_23_TL
AnalogueFX_11_TL AnalogueFX_11_TL
AnalogueFX_21_TL AnalogueFX_21_TL
AnalogueFX_26_TL AnalogueFX_26_TL
AnalogueFX_34_TL AnalogueFX_34_TL
AnalogueFX_14_TL AnalogueFX_14_TL
AnalogueFX_17_TL AnalogueFX_17_TL
AnalogueFX_15_TL AnalogueFX_15_TL
AnalogueFX_32_TL AnalogueFX_32_TL
AnalogueFX_31_TL AnalogueFX_31_TL
AnalogueFX_12_TL AnalogueFX_12_TL
AnalogueFX_13_TL AnalogueFX_13_TL
AnalogueFX_22_TL AnalogueFX_22_TL
AnalogueFX_16_TL AnalogueFX_16_TL
AnalogueFX_5_TL AnalogueFX_5_TL
AnalogueFX_18_TL AnalogueFX_18_TL
AnalogueFX_9_TL AnalogueFX_9_TL
AnalogueFX_19_TL AnalogueFX_19_TL
AnalogueFX_4_TL AnalogueFX_4_TL
AnalogueFX_7_TL AnalogueFX_7_TL
AnalogueFX_10_TL AnalogueFX_10_TL
AnalogueFX_6_TL AnalogueFX_6_TL
AnalogueFX_33_TL AnalogueFX_33_TL
AnalogueFX_2_TL AnalogueFX_2_TL
AnalogueFX_8_TL AnalogueFX_8_TL
AnalogueFX_3_TL AnalogueFX_3_TL
AnalogueFX_1_TL AnalogueFX_1_TL
AnalogueFX_28_TL AnalogueFX_28_TL
G_Bass_02_TL G_Bass_02_TL
B_Bass_01_TL B_Bass_01_TL B
G_Bass_01_TL G_Bass_01_TL
A_Bass_01_TL A_Bass_01_TL A
C_Bass_01_TL C_Bass_01_TL C
A_Bass_02_TL A_Bass_02_TL A
A_Bass_03_TL A_Bass_03_TL A
F_Bass_01_TL F_Bass_01_TL F
E_Bass_02_TL E_Bass_02_TL E
D_Bass_02_TL D_Bass_02_TL D
E_Bass_04_TL E_Bass_04_TL E
E_Bass_01_TL E_Bass_01_TL E
E_Bass_03_TL E_Bass_03_TL E
D_Bass_03_TL D_Bass_03_TL D
E_Bass_05_TL E_Bass_05_TL E
D_Bass_01_TL D_Bass_01_TL D
Hats_31_TL Hats_31_TL
Hats_39_TL Hats_39_TL
Hats_17_TL Hats_17_TL
Hats_19_TL Hats_19_TL
Hats_2_TL Hats_2_TL
Hats_26_TL Hats_26_TL
Hats_10_TL Hats_10_TL
Hats_23_TL Hats_23_TL
Hats_30_TL Hats_30_TL
Hats_38_TL Hats_38_TL
Hats_20_TL Hats_20_TL
Hats_41_TL Hats_41_TL
Hats_18_TL Hats_18_TL
Hats_33_TL Hats_33_TL
Hats_7_TL Hats_7_TL
Hats_15_TL Hats_15_TL
Hats_25_TL Hats_25_TL
Hats_6_TL Hats_6_TL
Hats_22_TL Hats_22_TL
Hats_11_TL Hats_11_TL
Hats_16_TL Hats_16_TL
Hats_24_TL Hats_24_TL
Hats_34_TL Hats_34_TL