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Analogue House

Analogue House

Touch Loops

Sexy, sassy and oozing with sensual grooves, Analogue House is the perfect soundtrack to those late night, rhythm heavy club nights which are just screaming for a hands in the air hypnotic moment. Through a combination of analogue saturated drum machines, vintage synths and processed rich bass work this epic collection of house loops and one shots guarantees to offer that little bit extra, giving your tracks the chance to breath and slam in all the right areas.

Our producer of choice has laid it all on the line in this expertly crafted collection that's perfect for the club. Nestled inside you'll find acid inspired bass lines, Lo-Fi house chords, manipulated 808's, dusty techno stabs and a plethora of rolling house percussion loops that guarantee to add swing and movement to any simple drum loop they so touch. From 808's to 909's, 606's and beyond we've gone big on this one.

A single spin through the demo only scratches the surface of the extensive range of inspiration available at every turn. From deep minimal subs to over the top classic house chords & stabs you'll find everything you need to give your tracks that 'out the box' feel with mix ready sounds perfect for your next house set.

As always, there's a huge array of one shots from classic drum machine sounds to bass stabs, percussion hits and so much more plus a batch of super useful midi allowing you to twist the loops into your key or style of choice. So if you're looking to add some analogue flavours that ditch that digital harshness then this ones for you. A true masterclass in the world of house music that's ready for those sweaty basement sessions.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Music Loops/120_C_Floating_Dreamymelody_TL_01 Music Loops/120_C_Floating_Dreamymelody_TL_01 C 120
Music Loops/128_Dm_WhoIsUs_TL_01 Music Loops/128_Dm_WhoIsUs_TL_01 Dm 128
Music Loops/115_Cm_GuiltDeepPad_TL_01 Music Loops/115_Cm_GuiltDeepPad_TL_01 Cm 115
Music Loops/117_B_BambooNails_TL_01 Music Loops/117_B_BambooNails_TL_01 B 117
Music Loops/115_Cm_Guilt_Vox_TL_01 Music Loops/115_Cm_Guilt_Vox_TL_01 Cm 115
Music Loops/127_Cm_WaveGoodbyeChord_TL_01 Music Loops/127_Cm_WaveGoodbyeChord_TL_01 Cm 127
Music Loops/115_Cm_Guilt_TopChord_TL_01 Music Loops/115_Cm_Guilt_TopChord_TL_01 Cm 115
Music Loops/127_F_LightsDownLow_TL_01 Music Loops/127_F_LightsDownLow_TL_01 127
Music Loops/127_Dm_StrangerRhodes_TL_01 Music Loops/127_Dm_StrangerRhodes_TL_01 Dm 127
Music Loops/139_Cm_DramaticStrings_TL_01 Music Loops/139_Cm_DramaticStrings_TL_01 Cm 139
Music Loops/125_Em_OnlyUsSeq_TL_01 Music Loops/125_Em_OnlyUsSeq_TL_01 Em 125
Music Loops/139_Cm_DramaGlockens_TL_01 Music Loops/139_Cm_DramaGlockens_TL_01 Cm 139
Music Loops/117_B_Bamboo_Pad_TL_01 Music Loops/117_B_Bamboo_Pad_TL_01 B 117
Music Loops/120_Dm_DubbyChords_TL_01 Music Loops/120_Dm_DubbyChords_TL_01 Dm 120
Music Loops/117_B_MelodicCowbell_TL_01 Music Loops/117_B_MelodicCowbell_TL_01 B 117
Music Loops/127_Dm_StrangerHighNotes_TL_01 Music Loops/127_Dm_StrangerHighNotes_TL_01 Dm 127
Music Loops/120_D_CouldItBe_Arp_TL_01 Music Loops/120_D_CouldItBe_Arp_TL_01 D 120
Music Loops/120_Dm_MeetMe_FXshot_TL_01 Music Loops/120_Dm_MeetMe_FXshot_TL_01 Dm 120
Music Loops/120_C_DreamyPad_TL_01 Music Loops/120_C_DreamyPad_TL_01 C 120
Music Loops/121_Em_AngelsChoir_TL_01 Music Loops/121_Em_AngelsChoir_TL_01 Em 121
Music Loops/123_Dm_HeartSequence_TL_01 Music Loops/123_Dm_HeartSequence_TL_01 Dm 123
Music Loops/124_Cm_ItsOnlyUsSeq_TL_01 Music Loops/124_Cm_ItsOnlyUsSeq_TL_01 Cm 124
Music Loops/123_A_FromAbovePad_TL_01 Music Loops/123_A_FromAbovePad_TL_01 A 123
Music Loops/125_Cm_DocDrousy_TL_01 Music Loops/125_Cm_DocDrousy_TL_01 Cm 125
Music Loops/125_A_MelancholicPads_TL_01 Music Loops/125_A_MelancholicPads_TL_01 A 125
Music Loops/115_AtmosphericNoises_TL_01 Music Loops/115_AtmosphericNoises_TL_01 115
Music Loops/139_Cm_DramaPad_TL_01 Music Loops/139_Cm_DramaPad_TL_01 Cm 139
Music Loops/136_F_WhoIsThatMelody_TL_01 Music Loops/136_F_WhoIsThatMelody_TL_01 136
Music Loops/120_C_Floating_Dreamypad_TL_01 Music Loops/120_C_Floating_Dreamypad_TL_01 C 120
Music Loops/128_Dm_HappyEnd_TL_01 Music Loops/128_Dm_HappyEnd_TL_01 Dm 128
Music Loops/127_G_AngelCrushedRhodes_TL_01 Music Loops/127_G_AngelCrushedRhodes_TL_01 G 127
Music Loops/122_Bm_RaveStabs_TL_01 Music Loops/122_Bm_RaveStabs_TL_01 Bm 1122
Music Loops/125_A_HighStrings_TL_01 Music Loops/125_A_HighStrings_TL_01 A 125
Music Loops/120_C_MelodicCowbell_TL_01 Music Loops/120_C_MelodicCowbell_TL_01 C 120
Music Loops/124_SwitchingLushPad_TL_01 Music Loops/124_SwitchingLushPad_TL_01 124
Music Loops/125_A_BleepMelody_TL_01 Music Loops/125_A_BleepMelody_TL_01 A 125
Music Loops/120_Dm_BackgroundPlucks_TL_01 Music Loops/120_Dm_BackgroundPlucks_TL_01 Dm 120
Music Loops/123_Dm_whatIf_TL_01 Music Loops/123_Dm_whatIf_TL_01 Dm 123
Music Loops/133_HowlingSiren_TL_01 Music Loops/133_HowlingSiren_TL_01 133
Chords/120_Dm_ChordsNStrings_TL_01 Chords/120_Dm_ChordsNStrings_TL_01 Dm 120
Chords/120_D_BeautifulChord_TL_01 Chords/120_D_BeautifulChord_TL_01 D 120
Chords/120_Em_OuterSpaceChord_TL_01 Chords/120_Em_OuterSpaceChord_TL_01 Em 120
Chords/127_ChrystalChords_TL_01 Chords/127_ChrystalChords_TL_01 127
Chords/119_Fm_CryingChords_TL_01 Chords/119_Fm_CryingChords_TL_01 Fm 119
Chords/127_G_AngelDelayedChords_TL_01 Chords/127_G_AngelDelayedChords_TL_01 G 127
Chords/133_Bm_HousyChords_TL_01 Chords/133_Bm_HousyChords_TL_01 Bm 133
Chords/121_Em_DelayedChords_TL_01 Chords/121_Em_DelayedChords_TL_01 Em 121
Chords/136_Bm_WhatsGoingOnChords_TL_01 Chords/136_Bm_WhatsGoingOnChords_TL_01 Bm 136
Chords/127_G_WhatTheyNeedChords_TL_01 Chords/127_G_WhatTheyNeedChords_TL_01 G 127
Chords/122_Bm_JazzyChords_TL_01 Chords/122_Bm_JazzyChords_TL_01 Bm 1122
Chords/125_Gm_WurlyChords_TL_01 Chords/125_Gm_WurlyChords_TL_01 Gm 125
Chords/125_A_GrooveChords_TL_01 Chords/125_A_GrooveChords_TL_01 A 125
Bass Loops127_Cm_WaveGoodbyeBass_TL_01 Bass Loops127_Cm_WaveGoodbyeBass_TL_01 Cm 127
Bass Loops120_C_Floating_GrowlingBass_TL_01 Bass Loops120_C_Floating_GrowlingBass_TL_01 C 120
Bass Loops133_Chained_TL_01 Bass Loops133_Chained_TL_01 133
Bass Loops123_WhoTFBASS_TL_01 Bass Loops123_WhoTFBASS_TL_01 123
Bass Loops127_E_EuroDanceGrowl_TL_01 Bass Loops127_E_EuroDanceGrowl_TL_01 E 127
Bass Loops127_Ballin_TL_01 Bass Loops127_Ballin_TL_01 127
Bass Loops125_A_SmoothBass_TL_01 Bass Loops125_A_SmoothBass_TL_01 A 125
Bass Loops127_TerrorAcid_TL_02 Bass Loops127_TerrorAcid_TL_02 127
Bass Loops121_A#_WhoHasntBass_TL_01 Bass Loops121_A#_WhoHasntBass_TL_01 A# 121
Bass Loops122_RampedBass_TL_01 Bass Loops122_RampedBass_TL_01 1122
Bass Loops122_Am_Creamy_TL_01 Bass Loops122_Am_Creamy_TL_01 Am 1122